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Shoes Designed Especially for Women

Heelys is introducing three brand new lines for the upcoming Fall/Winter season. The first line will include athletic shoes that are lighter than their traditional brand. The second line will be more like street shoes and include low profile skate outsoles. The third and final new line will incorporate shoes designed especially for women and girls. This will be the first time Heelys has designed an entire line of footwear specifically with females in mind.

Shoes Designed Especially for Women

The new shoes feature a raised heel to provide a little extra height and give a versatile look that goes great with skirts, shorts or jeans. All of the new styles are single-wheeled and are ideal for more experienced skaters. The Socialite is the first shoe designed exclusively for girls from beginning to end. Its style is based on the classic Mary Jane and has feminine touches such as a flower-shaped buckle and contrast stitching. Patent leather accents help round out the look and keep the shoe stylish and fun.

shoes designed especially for women

Vintage Wing-Tip Design

As I was perusing through all of the great new designs I could not get past the Hipster. The Hipster features a vintage wing-tip design. The patent leather and screen printed outer layer were awesome. Taking me back to the fun sock hops and poodle skirt days of the 50’s I so often saw played out in movies… I knew these were the ones for me. Once they arrived and I slipped them on they fit perfectly. I have skinny feet and it can often be difficult to find shoes that fit properly on my feet. The Hipsters were a comfortable, snug fit; perfectly sized for my slim size 7 foot.

vintage wing-tip designI am still not able to properly skate on the the single-wheel shoe, but I am able to proudly sport my new wing-tip shoes. I just adore the retro look and they are more than adequate for walking around in. The thick sole provided ample arch support and cushion for a comfortable walk around. And I received numerous compliments on the Hipster’s classic style. Plus, they were perfect for casual attire and worked great with a pair of jeans. That is important for me since I am most comfortable in a pair of jeans and sneakers. Even my kids were impressed with the design and thought they were pretty “cool” for mom to be wearing.

And just for fun… here is a video of my daughter helping my son try to use his Heelys. I could not even do as well as him so I thought this video would be much more enjoyable to watch again than me getting absolutely nowhere. Even with the great skating tips from Heelys I could not do it. I know… I fail. I must keep trying!

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