speak up Infographic
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If you think that you can help others learn to not text and drive by staying quiet… you are wrong. Speak up. Do something. Set an example. Do not be afraid to let everyone know how you feel about the subject.

speak up Infographic

Don’t Text and Drive

It may not be enough to just don’t text and drive. Speak about it! In fact, research has actually shown that speaking up proves to be successful in helping to deter others’ behavior.

Passengers have an impact… speaking up is key.

This is why an aggressive social media campaign like the #ItCanWait movement AT&T has launched can make such an impact. Together we can raise awareness about the dangers of texting and driving by joining the movement… and asking others to join as well.

Take the pledge, speak up… and don’t text and drive!

Whether you sign the pledge or not, you can still download the AT&T DriveMode app and make a step in the right direction.


With this free mobile app, you can make sure that your next drive goes virtually undistributed. The DriveMode® app will turn on once your vehicle begins moving to at least 25 mph. Then, if you get a text, the sender will get a text message or email to let them know you are driving and can respond back soon.

DriveMode is a mobile app that will turn on automatically once your car begins to move at least 25 miles per hour. Then, when someone tries to text or send you an email, they will receive an auto reply message telling them you are currently driving and will get back to them soon. Plus, when the app is turned on, all calls will automatically be sent over to voicemail. The user can however identify up to five numbers that can always be dialed. In addition, 911 calls are always allowed.

What are you waiting for?

The next life you save could be your own. Take the pledge today and help stop texting and driving.