Smart and Secure Solutions for Upgrading Your Garage

Smart and Secure Solutions for Upgrading Your Garage

Now that we are all nice and moved into our new house, the only place left to organize is the garage. The garage has always been our vice.

More so Colby’s vice. When he wants something out of sight, but isn’t quite sure where to put it, he takes it to the garage.

So basically, it becomes a holding place for anything and everything—except our car.

Upon moving, I told him that had to change. Now, 6 months into our new house, it’s time to make our garage safe and secure.

Smart and Secure Solutions for Upgrading Your Garage

Upgrading Your Garage

Of course, by “safe” I mean two things: (1) safe to walk through without tripping over things and (2) secure as far as keeping others out.

I’ve heard many stories about how thieves will break into your car, take your garage door opener, and then gain access to your home through the garage door.

At our last house, the garage door opener was very loud and everyone in the house knew when the door was opened.

In fact, early one morning while up working, I heard the garage door opening. I looked at Colby beside me and we immediately went to the garage, bat in hand, to see who was coming in.

Lucky for us, it was just one of our nephews. We had given him our garage door code for “just in case” purposes, and this was one of those cases. But… WOW!

LiftMaster WiFi-Enabled Garage Door Opener

Therefore, when I was offered the chance to work with LiftMaster in securing our garage, I was thrilled about the opportunity.

We already have cameras both inside and out, as well as a security system, and this would be the last piece we needed to truly create a safe space for our family.

Not that we moved to a terrible neighborhood, but we’re just looking for peace of mind. The WiFi Garage Door Opener offers convenience while the LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock is the security device we never knew we needed.

Give your garage door an extra layer of protection,

with features that include:

  • Absolute protection — make your garage door virtually impenetrable with a deadbolt lock meant to keep your things safe inside
  • Audible security — feel safe knowing you’re protected when you hear the sound of the lock engaging
  • Automatic operation — when you perform an action on your garage opener, the lock mimics the action for easy use
  • Anywhere assurance — with the MyQ App you can always know, from anywhere you have your smartphone, that your garage is secure

Now that we know the door will serve a purpose other than hiding our “organized chaos” state that the garage is currently in, we can move on to the next phase: organization.

We had a few cabinets and a shelf we brought with us when we moved, but it still needs much more. We also still have a few furniture pieces that we need to sell or donate somewhere.

Due to our family size and our love for biking, we have 6 bicycles that take up a ton of space.

A large garage refrigerator (again, practical for our family size) and totes full of collectibles, seasonal decor, and more. Not to mention, all of Colby’s tools and our photo props.

organized chaos garage with bikes

We have a couple of ideas in action and are working through the plans.

A hanging bike rack, more shelving, and a toolbox of some sort are where we will start.

Watch the blog in the upcoming weeks to see how we transform and upgrade the garage.

LiftMaster garage door keyless entry

Ready to secure and upgrade your garage?