Hey there – this is Danielle from Busy Moms Helper and I’m thrilled to be sharing on Staci’s awesome blog today! I’ve got some big news to share with you – but first, how about we talk about something super exciting – like Star Wars Season of the Force at Disneyland?!

Star Wars Season of the Force

Season of the Force

Now, I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan – I grew up watching the films with my Dad on Sundays, kept wishing they’d let Leia use a lightsaber, and eventually married a total nerd who’s even more of a fan than I am! Yup, our kids are destined to be little Star Wars fanatics, a calling they happily embrace. Although Season of the Force didn’t start until after our visit last fall, I’ve been digging into all the info about it I can, and now I’m sharing that with you!

Disneyland Hyperspace Mountain

Space Mountain Becomes Hyperspace Mountain

Become a member of Blue Squadron in the fight between the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial Navy! Zip past laser bolts from star fighters and see shots of X-Wings and Tie Fighters projected onto the walls all around you. The music and hitting “hyperspace” really tries to put you into a galaxy far, far away!

Disneyland Season of the Force

The Force Awakens hits Star Tours

The revamped Star Tours ride now has a special clip that brings you into Star Wars: The Force Awakens, where you follow the Millennium Falcon through a downed star destroyer on the planet Jakku! Listen close and you may hear Finn, from the amazing new film! From what I’ve been told this segment is included in EVERY version of the ride for the duration of Season of the Force.

Star Wars Launch Bay

Star Wars Launch Bay

Whether you’re with the dark side or the light, you’ll love walking through this new area – in the lower level of what use to be Innovations. With displays such as varied Storm Trooper helmets, replicas of light sabers and models of some of the ships, it’s almost like a museum for us Star Wars nerds! You also get the chance to meet Chewbacca, Darth Vader – and if the rumor is correct, you can even find Kylo Ren! Be sure to swing by the shop to nab some great Star Wars stuff.

Star Wars Path of the Jedi

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi

Near Hyperspace Mountain (formerly Space Mountain), where they use to house Captain EO, is now a special short film showing clips from the original films, as well as a transition into a bit of the new The Force Awakens movie. Some that got to see this told me it instantly made them want to do a Star Wars marathon right away – so must be good!

Galactic Grill

The Galactic Grill

Yes, you heard that right – there’s plenty of Star Wars themed foods now found in Tomorrowland! Desserts such as Darth by Chocolate or The Pastry Menace – which looks like a piece of Darth Maul, even items such as The Dark Side drink or Dark Side Chicken Curry Pizza are available.

2016 Unofficial Disneyland Activity & Autograph book by BusyMomsHelper

More Star Wars Fun

We just couldn’t resist adding some out-of-this-world fun Star Wars pages into our new “Unofficial” Disneyland Activity & Autograph book! With 66 pages of games, trivia, mazes and more to keep your kiddos happy while waiting in line at the parks, you’ll have a much more pleasant vacation. Forget the boring, blank autograph books – we’ve got over 20 creatively designed spots from classic characters, Star Wars (of course) and even super heroes. There’s a spot for everyone! You can grab yours as a PDF to download and print yourself, or get a printed book with a shiny cover.

2016 Unofficial Disneyland Activity & Autograph book by BusyMomsHelper

They’re sized to 6×9 so they’re no trouble taking around the parks with you!

Disney activity book

Grab your Disneyland book today, and May the Force Be With You!