Our Scott 1000 Sheet Adventure was Incredible

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When was the last time you accepted a really fun challenge? Something out of the box that seemed as though it would be interesting to see if you could do it. That’s what our family thought when Scott 1000 asked us to see how far we could go on 1000 sheets of toilet paper.

Scott 1000 Sheet Adventure RV

Scott 1000 Sheet Adventure

7 of us, Colby and I with the girls, plus my parents, left Dallas to join the Scott Brand on the road in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for our Scott 1000 Sheet Adventure. They were challenging us, along with four other families, to drive America’s longest highway (I-90) to see how far Scott 1000 would take us. We were family #4 and picked up the route from Our Family Nest.

After being passed the RV, we spent the day exploring Falls Park before touring our home on wheels for the next three days. The girls loved the idea of traveling in an RV and Colby and I were excited about having a professional driver to take us down the highway. We unwrapped our roll of Scott 1000 for the trip and positioned it in the bathroom before setting out on our journey.

Corn Palace - South Dakota

Each day brought its own share of adventure. Covering about 670 miles, we had plenty of time to take in the sights and sounds of the region. Our first full day on the road took us to America’s Only Corn Palace. Did you know we even had one? We do now and it was such a unique place to visit. I can tell you this — once we left there was a strong desire for buttered popcorn!

Wall Drug - South Dakota

Afterward, we stopped at the iconic Wall Drug. This historical stop came to be with a simple cup of free water. Even today, you can still get that free cup of water – and so much more.

Scott 1000 tp roll

That evening as we settled into our RV park, Colby and I checked our roll of Scott 1000 and found that we hardly made a dent in the sheets. After 290 miles, our family of 7 was doing pretty good with the roll and we were more confident in making the entire trip on just one roll!

bucket list - Mount Rushmore

The next morning we were able to check a huge item off our family bucket list with a trip to Mount Rushmore. We love seeing and learning more about the history of our nation, and this was such an incredible piece to finally visit. Walking the paths in front of the monument, we could read about each of the Presidents represented as well as how they constructed the rock formation.

Another 260 miles behind us, we spent the night relaxing under the Montana sky looking at the stars and watching a faraway lightning storm. Before climbing into bed, we checked our roll of Scott 1000 and noticed we nearing the halfway point. Not too bad for a family of 7 on the road.

National Park Service - Little Big Horn

Our last day on the RV, we were up early for a visit to Little Big Horn. With so much history there to take in, we unanimously agreed that this was our favorite stop along our road trip. Even the girls really enjoyed the stories we heard and the way it was presented to us by our guide. In fact, Jaci admitted that she may have learned a thing or two while there — even though it was summer and she was “on vacation.”

meeting GabeBabeTV

Before passing the RV over to the last family of the trip, we toured Pictograph Caves in Billings, Montana. Again, the history we saw and explored in the caves there was amazing. This area of the United States is so rich in stories from our past and we loved being able to discover it all.

Scott 1000 tp - end

As we gathered our things from the RV, we made sure to make one final check of our Scott 1000 toilet paper roll. From Sioux Falls, SD to Billings, MT with 7 people, we had only used just over half of our roll. We had plenty to keep on going and could have given the opportunity! Perhaps 1000 miles would have completed the roll? 1 sheet of Scott toilet paper for each mile? We may have to set up our own challenge and see.

Find out more about each of the families on the Scott 1000 Road Trip and see how everyone did by visiting scott1000.com

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