Schwinn SmartStart Bike Trip Bingo
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Warmer temperatures mean it’s time to get outdoors with the kids! From backyard games to riding bikes through the neighborhood, there’s no shortage of fun to be had. In fact, why not combine both activities for a fun game of Schwinn SmartStart Bike Trip Bingo.

Schwinn SmartStart Bike Trip Bingo

Bike Trip Bingo

Schwinn SmartStart Bike Trip Bingo is a fun-packed activity that helps to turn learning a new skill into an exciting game the whole family can play together. Combine your the idea of bingo with a simple bike ride for a new adventure.

Bike Trip Bingo

Using the printable Bike Trip Bingo cards from Schwinn, you and your kids can explore in a whole new way! Not to mention, as your child rides their Schwinn SmartStart, they will develop the skills needed to become more confident riders.

Schwinn SmartStart smaller grips

In fact, the Schwinn SmartStart is the first bike designed specifically to fit a child’s proportions. This allows for better control while steering as it has been reconsidered to fit a child’s riding needs. You will notice smaller grips made to perfectly fit into their smaller hands.

Schwinn SmartStart Jasmine

Unlike other seats, the Schwinn SmartStart seat is designed to support a child’s smaller proportions. With a smaller seat and more forward-positioned pedals, children can be more comfortable, and, consequently, more confident. Being able to focus on learning how to ride their bike helps remove the fear of falling and increases their willingness to ride.

Schwinn SmartStart bike for girls

Something that we even as parents may not consider important on a child’s bike, Schwinn SmartStart bikes even features fast-start gearing that helps to reduce the bicycle’s top-speed. This means that your child can get going quickly while you stay close enough beside them. Yes, even though the Schwinn SmartStart bike seems to have thought of everything for the child, they still need us right beside them.

Schwinn SmartStart at Academy

Pick up the Schwinn SmartStart bicycle at Toys”R”Us, Target, and Academy.

Schwinn SmartStart features

Ready to play Schwinn SmartStart Bike Trip Bingo?

When you play, you have a chance to win a Schwinn SmartStart prize pack!

Schwinn SmartStart Bike Trip Bingo

First, download the Bike Trip Bingo cards. Play the game with your family and snap a few pictures. Then, upload the pictures to social media using the hashtag #SchwinnBingoSweepstakes. Finally, log into you Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook accounts through the widget below a select the photo(s) you’ve uploaded. Good luck!

Schwinn SmartStart Bike Trip Bingo Sweepstakes