4 Ways to Say I Love You Without Saying a Word

When was the last time you told that “special someone” that you loved them? Do you often find that you want to go beyond those three little words? I always tell my kids that love is a verb. An action. A choice that you make daily to love another person. Putting love into action takes more than words.

4 Ways to Say I Love You Without Saying a Word

Say I Love You Without Saying a Word

Being able to say “I love you” without saying a word can be easy if you are willing to give selflessly of yourself. To be purposeful in your expressions of love and affection towards the ones you love. And make sure that the way you are giving love is being done in a manner that the recipient enjoys. One key to learning? How do they show you love ? That is often the way they need to be reciprocated. Discovering this one little thing about each other can equal great success.

Here are ways to say “I love you” without saying a word: 

Give a Card

The art of written communication is often lost in our modern connected-world. But a card can easily express the words you may not be able to articulate on your own. Plus, a card allows you to “put your heart to paper,” according to Hallmark. To truly express that way you feel in written form. The sentiment alone will speak volumes knowing it came straight from the heart. Colby knows how much I adore cards and is amazing at leaving one for me to find at random times throughout the year. No special occasion needed.


No matter what point of the relationship you are in, never stop flirting. With almost 24 years behind us, Colby and I still flirt. Daily. A simple teasing text in the middle of the day can say quite a bit. Perhaps a wink and seductive smile from across the room. Soft swipe of the hand as you walk past each other. Be creative and let them know you are still interested.

Act of Kindness

There is no rule that says you can’t perform a random act of kindness on someone you love. Try to determine which act would best fill their love tank and do it. For Colby, the act of washing the dishes does it every time. For me, a little attention is all it takes. Determine what works for your relationship. Cook a nice dinner. Send flowers. Gas up their car. Get creative and let them know you love them!

Spend Time Together

There are times when nothing speaks louder than your undivided attention. Give your partner the quality time they deserve and need. Whether cuddling on the couch, going on a picnic or playing a game. It’s always important to make time for the one you love. Nothing speaks louder to me than quality time from the one I love.

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However you choose to say “I love you” be intentional. Relationships take work but are well worth the effort.

How will you express the way you really feel about your partner?

Show the one you love how you truly feel.


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