The saga continues …

Well, here it is Friday … an Princess JF is STILL sick! At least we haven’t had any vomiting since day one … but it’s pretty sad watching her feel so miserable. Let’s see if I can time line it for you … and you’ll see why I haven’t been on this week …

Tuesday @ Noon – she claimed that her tunny hurt while eating lunch
Tuesday @ 2pm– fever of 102 began
Tuesday @ 5pm – vomited
Wednesday – fever continued, coughing began
Wednesday Evening – noticed rash on hands, elbows, and face, and sporadically placed over her stomach, back, ankles and other places
Thursday am – still has fever, rash getting redder, called Dr
Thursday @ 1:45pm – took her to Dr, unrecognizable rash, negative strep culture, diagnosed with “viral infection” (meaning they don’t know what it is … no meds can help)
Thursday evening – FINALLY up playing, ate a bit of food
Thursday night – back down with a 102 fever, bed early
Friday morning @ 6amPrincess JL woke up with a fever of 101.6
Friday morningPrincess JF woke with fever still, has already taken two naps at 9:30am, laid up on couch with glass of ice water (all she has wanted for the past 4 days … at least she’s staying hydrated)
Right now – older two are at all day co-op we attend on Fridays as “enrichment classes” for our homeschool , as well as socialization with other great families (BTW … thanks to another kind Mom who took them for me today) , Princess JF & JL are on the couch watching Dora, I “snuck” in here to check emails and blog quickly. Princess JL is going to sleep.

**Update** Both girls went to sleep as I typed the first entry and slept until I woke them to go have lunch with the older two (I didn’t think it was going to get this bad when I promised to come for lunch). When I woke Princess JF to get her dressed she was on fire! Her temp was 104.5!! OMGoodness! I freaked out! Gave her Motrin, called hubby, and pondered what to do. We decided to wait and see how Motrin affected her … it brought the fever down to 102 within an hour. Now what? She says her legs hurt and she doesn’t want to walk. She didn’t want to carry her cup of water … it was too heavy. She is so lethargic and weak … it’s scary! We may have to see how the rest of the afternoon goes. I may end up taking her to the ER? Prayers are wonderfully accepted! Thanks for all your kind words thus far!

I’ve had NO TIME to even think about my own “all day ‘morning’ sickness.” I’m extremely exhausted from nursing Princess JF all week, plus trying to deal with the normal hormonal changes caused by pregnancy (which literally yank every bit of energy from me). The kitchen is a mess. Laundry isn’t done. I’ve hardly done a thing with the older two’s school work the past two days. We went to my parent’s for dinner last night (Thank God for them being so near and loving us enough). Super Dad had to work late last night and tonight! UGH! I feel like I’ve done nothing but lay on the couch or in bed since Tuesday afternoon … but really, I am just praying that my girls get better soon! Although it’s a bit quieter around the house with both of them laid up … I sure miss their energy and laughter! : (

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