Run A Successful Blog Entirely From Your Phone

How To Run A Successful Blog Entirely From Your Phone

We live our lives in an increasingly mobile way. And being on the go all the time, trying to combine family life with freelance working, or aiming to set up your own business means that multi-tasking is firmly on the agenda.

How To Run A Successful Blog Entirely From Your Phone

Run A Successful Blog

Admittedly, this all becomes much easier when you can run everything from the palm of your hand. Being able to have the tools you need to run a successful blog entirely from your phone can be absolutely transformative.

Blogging from your phone allows you to squeeze in work between all those cracks of time that otherwise get lost—waiting to pick up the kids from school or sitting in the doctor’s office, for example.

And running a successful blog entirely from your mobile device is entirely possible. In fact, I’ve found that I write some of my best posts from my phone!

Blogging On The Go

As more and more of us use mobile devices as the primary method of consuming content, the easier it becomes to create that content on our phones. After all, as readers, we are looking for bite-size formats that make sense on the go.

Concise, multi-media posts created on your phone are likely to work well for mobile consumption. Not to mention, you can easily set up Facebook Ads on your phone to help promote the posts.

Plus, blogging on your phone allows you to be consistent. It’s more important to put out a micro-blog every day or so than it is to create long-winded content forms that only appear sporadically.

Many WordPress themes now have custom content types in the editor that are tailor made for short articles or those based around photos.

You can even customize your theme around short form content types such as an Aside, Photo Gallery or Status. Creating unique content in a short format can really give value to your search rankings as well.

If you can’t Hire the Best SEO Agency just yet then using structured content is one way of getting your blog seen. 

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Load Up On Great Apps

Cloud-based apps that can help you work in a more agile manner are perfect for those who want to blog on the go.

There are all sorts of tools out there designed to work on a mobile platform and give you everything you need in your pocket.

For example, the WordPress app lets you create, populate, schedule and publish content easily.

Quicklytics enables you to track the stats on how your posts are doing and access the numbers quickly.

Later lets you schedule social media posts in advance from your pocket.

And don’t forget the role of apps like Photoshop Express, which give powerful image during capabilities without a desktop. Or Canva, where you can create amazing visual marketing content all on your smartphone.

You can also use a tool like Feedburner to syndicate new blog posts to all your social networks. 

Bringing In Video Content

Many bloggers are finding great success with adding video content to their posts. And with powerful cameras on smartphones, such as the iPhone 11 or the Samsung Galaxy s10, shooting high definition video no longer needs a separate camera.

There are also great video editing apps for your mobile allowing you to get professional results without migrating footage onto a laptop.

Plus, WordPress also allows you to embed a video simply by pasting the YouTube URL into the blog editor.

It really couldn’t be easier to create quality content on the go!