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Disclosure: I was given a discounted media rate at the Omni Hotel in return for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

When was the last time you had a romantic getaway? Just took the time to take a night or two away from the kids. It does not have to be a long, lavish time away. In fact, you can find at you need for a quick romantic getaway at your local Omni Hotel.

Romantic Getaway

Colby and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary on Saturday, June 1. Now, this is not our wedding anniversary, but the anniversary of the day we first got together. The day that we sat on his curb and talked for hours. The day he first kissed me and I could barely stand to leave my legs were so weak. The day I told my best friend this was the man I was going to marry. Yeah, that day.

romantic getaway

Anyway, we were not sure we would have a sitter for the weekend, so we did not make any plans. We then asked our oldest daughter if she could help us out to which she gladly accepted. We then had 2 days to figure something out. You can imagine our excitement when I reached out to the Omni Hotel in Dallas and received an immediate response. This hotel was the perfect location for the dinner plans we made and was simply beautiful. We had been to the restaurants there on several occasions, but never stayed at the hotel. This was surely going to be a treat.

Omni Hotel

From the moment we arrived at the Omni Hotel Dallas, we were treated with the utmost highest in customer service. The front desk and concierge answered all of our questions with ease. We checked in, grabbed our keys, and were quickly on our way up to see the room the front desk clerk had mentioned was his favorite. We were excited to see the room. We had also been told that the hotel was a green hotel, therefore our room key was needed to power up the room. We entered, inserted our key into the power slot, and music began to softly play in our room. It was magical.

green hotel

We walked in further, past the mini fridge and in-room Keurig coffee maker, to the living area of our suite. The full size sofa lined with pillows, dining area for two, and custom entertainment center were more than inviting upon entering the suite.

Omni Hotel living area

There were beautiful artistic touches throughout the suite that added to its modern appeal.

Omni Hotel chandelier

Plus, we found a nice anniversary treat waiting for us when we arrived.

Omni anniversary treat

As we ventured further into the suite, we walked into the large bedroom area with a king size bed and separate sitting area. Another large LCD TV dawned the opposite side of the entertainment center, while local art work sat upon a shelf ledge atop the headboard.

Omni local art work

The floor-to-ceiling windows offered an incredible view of the Reunion Tower and more Dallas skyline. The Reunion Tower was perfect since it would be the setting of our dinner that evening.

Reunion Tower

We even found a nice welcome message showing across the bottom of the TV as the music continued to softly play throughout the suite.

Omni Hotel welcome

Finally, we ventured into the spacious  bathroom and dressing area. A large closet held all we needed to keep our clothes crisp and organized. There was even a vanity area with a stool and drawer space before entering the main bathroom area. Once we turned the corner into the bathroom the first thing I noticed was the large walk-in shower. Large enough for two, I might add.

Omni walk-in shower

Of course, Colby noticed the TV… in the bathroom mirror. Perfect for watching the weather as we prepared for dinner.

bathroom mirror TV

Overall, the room was both stunning and spacious. The night was incredible and everything we could have asked for and much more. We were even able to take a walk down to the rooftop infinity pool and hot tub for a while. We passed the fully-equipped fitness room and spa and simply admired the idea of it for another time.

For this stay, we had all of the exercise and extra-curricular activities we needed already planned. We had one night away from our kids and planned on making the best of it. 22 years was a lot to celebrate and the Omni Hotel made that possible in such an amazing way. We only had to travel into Downtown and, other than a quick 8 minute walk to and from dinner, we spent the entire night at the hotel. Our romantic getaway was as close as our local Omni Hotel and yours can be too!

When was your last romantic getaway? Have you ever stayed at your local Omni Hotel?

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