high-tech toy ROMO

Your Very Own Robot Friend: ROMO

Technology has led to great advancements in several areas of our every day world. From the way we work, live, and play. Think about it, our kids are living in a world much different than our own growing up. They have incredible tech gadgets such as ROMO from Romotive to explore their world. They can teach and enjoy their very own robot friend.

robot friend ROMO

Robot Friend

ROMO allows you to use your mobile phone to give a robot a fun personality. Cool, right?! With an app on your Apple devices, you can have total control in your hands over Wi-Fi. My girls quickly learned how to work with the app and teach ROMO how to go faster and to track objects. Using the “object follow” feature, my 9 year old taught ROMO to follow my toddler’s pants… and he did. Everywhere she would scoot around the floor, ROMO would follow. She would laugh and move again just to watch him come after her. It was like having a fun, playful puppy – without the clean up.

high-tech toy ROMO

Best of all, ROMO encourages learning in the areas of technology, science, engineering and math. With the Apple device as its brain and a human teaching and programming it, this interactive robot friend can do an endless amount of amazing things.

Plus, another great way to utilize ROMO is through the Telepresence Remote Control function. It gives the user the ability to not only control ROMO from anywhere in the world… but to invite others as well. Telepresence is two-way video and audio conferencing through remote control from your computer or compatible iOS device.

ROMO robot

But that is only a part of the amazing talent ROMO has. Look at the other features the high-tech toy features:

  • Face Tracking: ROMO can follow your face, just like having a pet or friend.
  • Mobile Training Platform: Learn the basic concepts of programming.
  • Simple SDK: Control ROMO’s hardware and personality by writing your own apps.
  • Personal Curious Pet: Leave ROMO by himself, and he’ll be sad. And also curious to look around for someone!

ROMO’s base is rechargeable using a mini-USB cable and the 2000 mAh NiMH battery offers up to 2 hours of playtime on a full charge. And although not a speed racer, he can move pretty swiftly… up to 0.34 m/s on hardwood floors and 1.1 ft/s on hardwood floors.

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