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How often does your family take road trips? We always seem to be on the road somewhere. We love to travel and driving there is where most of the memories are made.

road trips with dad

Road Trips with Dad

Plus, according to Discount Tire, “It’s not about where you’re driving, it’s about who you’re driving with.” I would have to agree with that. You?

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, let’s focus on those fun road trips with Dad. Colby is at the wheel when we travel 9 times out of 10. I play navigator while he is the pilot.

Most of the times, we have at least 3 little co-pilots in the back. And, being girls, they already make fabulous backseat drivers at the young ages of 5, 9 and 11.

backseat co-pilots

Using a fun Father’s Day questionnaire Discount Tire provided, I asked our 9 year old, Jaci, a few questions about her road trips with Dad.

She seemed like the perfect one to help me out with this project and we had fun reminiscing as she answered.

Discount Tire Father's Day Questionnaire

After going through each of these questions with her, I learned a thing or two about road trips with Dad at the wheel:

  1. Being a kid at heart allows you to fully connect with your children. Sure, be an adult when necessary, but don’t be afraid to have some fun!
  2. Showing your emotions to your children, as their father, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They need to see you as a real person too.
  3. Dad knows where the best stops and snacks are on road trips… but perhaps should not always get to choose the radio station.
  4. The destination really doesn’t matter as much as the journey to get there. After all, as mentioned above, “it’s about who you’re driving with.”
  5. Dads are “just really funny in the car.” At least Colby is. As it should be. As long as safety is maintained, take advantage of the quality time you have with kids in the car and make the best of it!

Through traveling with our kids, Colby and I have both learned to appreciate the time with them. Experiencing each new place with them is more fascinating each time.

Their first trip to the ocean. First time to stand atop a mountain. Or first time to cross a dessert. Where ever the trip may take us, we know we’re on the journey together.

The kids will forever remember that time together just as we remember those trips as a child.

road trips with dad

Create special memories with your children by taking a road trip! And for Father’s Day, ask your kids to answer the questions on the Discount Tire questionnaire and share them on this Facebook post. I can’t wait to read their responses!

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Thank you Discount Tire for sponsoring this conversation.