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My children, all 5 of them, love music. I am sure they have developed that love from SuperDad and I. We always have music playing somewhere in the house and do not even eat dinner until music is playing softly in the background. Therefore, when I was asked to review the children’s music CD “Slugs & Bugs” I knew my girls would be thrilled to have new music to dance along to!

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Slugs and Bugs

About Slugs & Bugs

Randall Goodgame and Andrew Peterson, who have written songs for VeggieTales, are releasing a new album entitled “Slugs & Bugs” on October 25, 2011.  The album is a collection of fun silly songs for both parents and children to enjoy.  Randall Goodgame also tours the country with his live show spreading the love of Christ through it. Slugs and Bugs Live is approximately 1 hour, with live music, animated video and background musical tracks that extend through all the songs.

Our Review

Monkey and Princess are my music connoisseurs so I played the CD for them over and over. They loved it! The silly songs made them laugh and had a fun, catchy tune. “God Made Me” and “My Baby Loves to Dance” were their favorite songs. I like that the songs feature God’s truth entwined with the silliness the children need. As they listen to the words and learn the songs they are also able to absorb great life lessons. Plus, whereas I was glad to hear music that was safe for my children to enjoy, I think the girls just thought the songs were just fun to dance around to. Eventually they will begin to learn the words and thus the message behind them. 🙂

Make sure to visit Slugs & Bugs where you can listen to “God Made Me” and find tour dates, as well as check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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