Girls Wonderland’s De-Light Costume from Costume Supercenter

With Halloween just 3 weeks away it is time to start planning our costumes. Since we typically host a “trunk” at our church’s annual “Trunk-or-Treat” event the girls usually dress to fit the theme. Therefore, when given the opportunity to review a costume from we had to get busy on choosing a theme. Of course, Princess lives in dress up clothes anytime she is not at school or church, so we decided to pick out a cute costume for her.

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We sorted through the numerous costumes for little girls and Princess pretty much wanted every one! It was difficult for her to just pick one. There is an assortment of themes to choose from and the organized layout of the website made it easy to choose which ones we wanted to view. Barbie, Dancewear, Divas, Fairy Tale, Princess… we had to look at them all. My little Princess likes anything “girly-girl” and she was elated to be able to have so many choices. The costumes were awesome and the “New for 2011” line offered several unique and fun getups.

After browsing for over an hour, Princess and I finally came to a decision. Deciding on a story book theme for our trunk, Princess picked Alice in Wonderland for her character. But, looking at the variety of Alice in Wonderland Halloween costumes, she still had to pick just one. She ended up choosing the Girls Wonderland’s De-Light Child Costume. Why? Because it has lights in the skirt! Awesome!

Alice In Wonderland

When the costume arrived I could not wait to open it and tell Princess. I held onto the package and let her open it when she got home from school. She tore it open and immediately threw off her clothes so she could put it on. Although it is a little big on her {she is tall and skinny for her age} the length is perfect. It hangs a bit off of her but no more than we are used to with her being all bones. We quickly found the little, discreet battery pack and turned on the lights. OMGoodness… she was ecstatic! Her skirt was glowing a neon blue and the matching headband was the perfect finishing touch! The skirt front is lined with tiny blue fiber optic lights that are going to be quite helpful in keeping up with her in the dark of the night while “trunk-or-treating.”

Alice in Wonderland Costume

Alice headband

Alice apron

I had to make her take it off and put it up so that she would not wear it out before Halloween. Whenever anyone shows up at the house she asks to model the costume for them. I told her she could play with it all she wants after Halloween… and I have a feeling we may never get her out of it after then! We still need to put together the rest of her outfit, probably white leggings and some black shoes, but, all in all, she is ready to go!

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What have your kids decided to be for Halloween? How do you decide on what they dress up as?


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