{Review} Flip Boom All-Star 2

My 14 year old son had an interest in pretty much anything that includes both computers and animation. He enjoys Tumblr because of the many “gifs” he can sort through and laugh at. He has also mentioned to me before the desire to learn how to create his own. Therefore, when given the chance to review Flip Boom All-Star 2 animation software with PTPA I knew he would be excited to give it a try!

About Flip Boom All-Star 2

Flip Boom All-Star 2 is developed by Toon Boom Animation. Per the Toon Boom website: “Learn to draw and animate with NEW Flip Boom All-Star 2. Now you can auto-animate to make one drawing move. Or try the new ‘CRAZY’ animation for crazy movement all over.”

Create and share cartoons, movies, e-cards and more. You can record your voice or other sound effects to play with your animation, as well as import your music. Photos can also be imported or you can choose images and backgrounds from the software’s library. Plus, you can easily share your projects via Facebook, email, YouTube, iPad or iPod.

Jake’s Review

The interface is full of bulky icons that make it easy to navigate. Although Jake takes great interest in anime and gifs, sadly, he is not a great artist. Therefore, he decided to draw what he does best… stick people. After Pepper jumped on first, of course, and drew a stick figure drawing, Jake tried his hand at a bouncing ball. He chose to create each frame one-by-one and have his little stick guy bounce the ball. He and Pepper played around with the sounds in the library and agreed on one that sounded appropriate for their bouncing ball.

Flip Boom

Flip Boom

Through lots of giggling, since that is what those two always do together, and about 30 minutes of perfecting their bouncing ball, they came up with a short {and I do mean short} animation. Here is their achievement {the sound was not yet added}:

Told you it was short! But, I was impressed that they were able to make the ball flatten and look as though it were actually bouncing. They are not done with it and are still planning on adding more… including the ball bouncing into a hoop eventually… but at least they were able to use the program and get a feel for it. Jake really liked it and found it easy to maneuver. Pepper got a kick out of the stick figure she was able to draw and have fall down within just 10 minutes.

The dynamics of the software are incredible. It makes animation simple and fun for the teen crowd, and my 7 year old even gave it a shot. Overall, the kids enjoyed the program and were excited to continue learning more about it. I think a tablet of some sort may make it easier to continue using, but their stick figures using the mouse turned out well enough. 🙂

You can read more about Flip Boom All-Star 2 on ToonBoom.com, on Facebook, Twitter or on YouTube.


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