If I am not at home in my pajamas {yes, I love my pj’s} then I am typically found in a pair of jeans. I adore denim. And that being so, I am a bit particular about how my jeans fit. I was anxious to try on a new pair of jeans and excited about the Team Mom dENiZEN jeans review.

About dENiZEN Jeans

dENiZENHaving just launched this past July, dENiZEN™ jeans are available exclusively at Target stores and online through Target.com. The fashionable new line of jeans is an ongoing expansion of the Levi Strauss & Co. global dENiZEN brand that launched in Asia in 2010. The jeans are offered in various custom washes and sizes, including fits for men, women, boys and girls at Target’s value pricing.  The jeans are perfect for casual, work, dress, weekend or family fun! dENiZEN jeans are the perfect fit for fashion and value-conscious consumers ranging in price from $17.99 to $29.99.

My Review

I was sent a pair of Serene Midrise Straight Jeans from dENiZEN to review. Although the jeans had an overall good fit, I wish I could have been able to pick the color. I do not own any light color jeans so it is something I will have to get used to. Also, I have a high waist line and tend to wear low-rise jeans so that they fit properly on my particular body type. Therefore, the Midrise fit was a little uncomfortable for me at first. But, don’t get me wrong… looking past the color wash and the higher-than-I-am-used-to-waist, the jeans were actually quite comfortable. They fit perfectly on my legs and did not totally squeeze my thighs. In fact, the jeans seemed to have a bit of a stretch to them that allowed me to move freely as I got in the floor with the kids. And the good thing about midrise: when you bend over or sit down your backside stays completely covered!

According to my measurements I was given a size 8 long to try. Well, I asked for the “long” because I also like my jeans to cover my ankles when I sit. They were the perfect length. Also, the size 8’s were a little snug across my waist but I think a size larger may have been too big. Jeans are always a bit difficult to measure straight across the board I think. Nonetheless, they did snap and were not uncomfortable to maneuver in {since they had a bit of a stretch} so I would still give them 2 thumbs up! Besides, I am on this new wellness journey so they should fit much better here soon! Hopefully after I loose an inch or two around my waist I can head to Target and pick up the darker Starry wash and compare to see which looks more form fitting. 🙂


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Have you tried dENiZEN jeans yet? If you have, what did you think?


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