In the ebook, The Blog Bank, Stepfanie Cuevas shares her online experience with other bloggers on not only how to monetize your blog… but how to do so quickly and help pay the bills. I found the book to be very interesting and easy to read. I was able to work through each step with ease and follow along quite nicely. She begins by given the blogger a handful of tasks to make sure their blog is ready for monetizing and then jumps into the “paying the bills” parts. Although I already knew much of what was covered, I did find it relevant to many bloggers. Also, the book touched on several different areas of monetizing your blog and I felt like the information was well written and purposefully given.

The Blog Bank did an awesome job relaying the information for the audience it intended. I can not think of anything the author missed as far as monetizing your blog is concerned. I have read other books and website, as well as attended classes on the topic and this book was just as thorough, if not more, than most of those. I enjoyed the way each topic was given a level of difficulty, along with an idea of just how much time was needed to complete and what residual the blogger could see from the work. I could evaluate the time I was to spend on each task vs the money made and see where my payoffs were going to be in the end. Everything was well laid out and you, as a blogger, can really see how the plan will work to your benefit if you follow along. I recommend The Blog Bank to any blogger trying to find ways to put their blog to work for them!

**Disclaimer: I was chosen for this review by The Lady Bloggers and was provided a copy of the ebook to review free of charge. All opinions are 100% my own.**