REMISSION // No Cancer Cells Found!

It’s hard to put into words exactly how we, as a family, have felt navigating Avery’s battle with Leukemia.

It’s one thing to walk this journey with an adult, as we have, but it’s an entirely new journey with a baby.

infant echocardiogram in hospital

The last 5 weeks have been some of the most harrowing we’ve experienced.

The ups and downs of cancer can take its toll physically and emotionally on the patient, caregivers, and family.

And it most definitely has.

We’re exhausted. Anxious. Scared. And, yet, also encouraged.

We’ve been lifted in prayer by so many of our family and friends across the country; across the WORLD.

infant central PICC line for leukemia chemotherapy

We’ve also been given financial support, meals, gifts, hotel discounts… all the tangible things we need to support Avery and her parents through this time.

We have INCREDIBLE heart friends who have allowed us to cry, to vent, to scream, and to simply “be” when we needed it most.

The team of doctors, nurses, and therapists at Children’s Medical Center Dallas have been a source of great knowledge, as well as attentive to all of Avery’s needs, vigilant in their care of her, and gracious towards our fragile adult emotions.

Finally, they’ve been honest and transparent with us each step of the way; no matter how difficult the words were to hear.

Avery is stronger than cancer

Today, they had the privilege of giving us the best news of all:


Her biopsy showed NO CANCER CELLS!

The emotions we felt the evening we received her diagnosis? The gut-wrenching, falling to the floor in disbelief response we had that day?

This was the complete opposite.

Avery’s war with Leukemia is not over, but knowing we won this first battle? We have every hope to believe she’ll keep winning.

family Christmas in a hotel 2020

With love & gratitude,
Avery + Family

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