Refresh Your Car antibacterial wipes for cars

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Do you spend a lot of time in your car? Whether making the daily commute or going on constant road trips, as we do, I bet your car can get a little dirty. This is where Refresh Your Car!® products come in super handy!

Refresh Your Car antibacterial wipes for cars

Refresh Your Car

Did you know that your steering wheel can have 9 times more bacteria than a public toilet? Ummm… what? Pass the Refresh Your Car! Antibacterial Wipes please! In fact, go ahead and give me one of each type of wipe:

  • Clean Wipes: Kill 99.9% of the bacteria in your car while leaving a fresh scent behind. No more dirt, dust and grime on your car’s interior after using the Refresh Your Car! automotive clean wipes.
  • Detail Wipes: Give your car a good cleaning and detailed look, as well as offering a layer of protection, sunblock, and sanitized surface with these wipes.
  • Protect Wipes: Protects, conditions, blocks sun and sanitizes while revitalizing surfaces with a medium shine. Also works to further kill bacteria and leaves behind a nice, fresh scent.
  • Leather Wipes: The only EPA approved product that cleans, conditions, blocks sun, sanitizes and protect leather surfaces. They are specifically designed to enhance leather and increase its longevity in your vehicle.

Therefore, not only can you make sure that every surface of your car is clean and protected, but you can know your vehicle will smell fabulous as well.

Antibacterial clean wipes from Refresh Your Car

Nothing worse than getting into a musky, smelly car. Pretty embarrassing when you’re carrying family and friends around who may not be used to old french fries casting an odor from under their seat. Not that I would know from experience either. I mean… unless you totally know what I am talking about. There is always that ONE that gets dropped and missed on the way from the restaurant to the house, right?!

Leather antibacterial wipes for cars

Well, no more odors! Refresh Your Car! is recognized as the foremost leader in automotive air freshener quality and innovation. They have us covered in this area and will have our car smelling like brand new (or fruity if you choose those fragrances). They have a wide selection to choose from.

Refresh Your Car air freshner

Plus, not only do they offer the Antibacterial Wipes I mentioned above, but they also have a variety of products that include:

  • Refresh Your Car! Odor Eliminating Gel
  • Refresh Your Car! Odor Eliminating Auto Vent Stick
  • Refresh Your Car! Oil Diffusers
  • Refresh Your Car! Hanging Air Freshner
  • Driven Dog Tags

Which Refresh Your Car! product will you start with?

Refresh Your Car prize pack

Tell me in the comments… and fill out the entry form below… and you could win a Refresh Your Car! prize pack that includes a $50 iTunes Gift Card. US only. Giveaway ends at 11:59pm on 11/20. Good luck!

Winner: Allison B.

Disclosure: Prizing courtesy of Refresh Your Car!

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