World Premiere Of Disney's "Muppets Most Wanted" - Red Carpet

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I grew up watching The Muppet Show. It was an iconic show of our childhood, after all. Therefore you could imagine my excitement as we awaited our trek down the red carpet for The Muppets Most Wanted movie. The crowd was filled with anticipation knowing Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Constantine would soon be on their way in a 2014 Toyota Highlander.

red carpet Muppets El Capitan Theatre

The Muppets at El Capitan Theatre

How about you pretend you are walking the red carpet with The Muppets at El Capitan Theatre with me? Come on. Let’s begin across the street on the Oscar Stairs and walk over.

Muppets Oscar stairs

Looking at the crowd gathered, it is apparent that The Muppets are well-loved and their fans are here to see them. Just a glance at Kermit or Miss Piggy and the crowd erupts in cheers. But first, we must stop to grab our badge for the night so that we can get onto the red carpet… as well as the after party.

World Premiere Of Disney's "Muppets Most Wanted" - Red Carpet
Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney

As soon as our badges are secured around our neck, we take our first steps onto the red carpet. The same carpet that The Muppets and celebrities of Muppets Most Wanted will soon walk. We must be quick, but we do not want to miss our opportunity at a picture of ourselves on the red carpet. The movie posters make a perfect backdrop and the wall behind us keeps us free from the yells of the paparazzi on the street. Colby and I stop to pose in front of one of the many posters and later find that Tina Fey totally photo bombed our picture. Well, a picture of Tina Fey… but it still looks fun!

red carpet picture

But honestly, I think Colby and I photo bombed Tina Fey’s pictures. There were a few shots floating around the internet of Tina Fey with Colby and I grabbing a picture of her from the other side.

Tina Fey Muppets red carpet

Back to our walk down the red carpet. Once we step out from behind the walls, we are immediately (but gently) shuffled down the carpet towards the El Capitan Theatre. The photographers are trying to get their best shot of Tina Fey and the others stars as they make their way down Hollywood Blvd. We stop and grab a few shots when we can and look to see who the crowd is cheering for now. Ty Burrell. Ricky Gervias. Ray Liotta. They are all there. Having fun and ready to introduce Muppets Most Wanted to the audience before them.

World Premiere Of Disney's "Muppets Most Wanted" - Red Carpet
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

We find Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Constantine hanging out with Terry Crews at the end of the red carpet doing interviews. Jared, from Subway, is even there. Everyone wants to hang out with The Muppets! But it is soon time to head inside El Capitan to watch the movie. We grab our popcorn and soda from the concessions… and run into Tia Mowry and several Disney stars on our way to our seats. Of course, we have to grab a picture and let them all know we love watching their shows! But we must get to the rest of our group! Let’s go.

Tia Mowry

Once inside the theater, we find our seats and enjoy the organist playing on the stage below. Just before the curtains rise and the movie begins, Statler and Waldorf make an appearance from the balcony as their typical grumpy selves… and introduce the movie. WooHoo! The Muppets Most Wanted is now showing and we are all in for a treat. Sssshhhh… wait until the movie ends and we will talk a bit more.


Wasn’t that awesome? I will tell you more about what I thought of the movie soon. But first we need follow the line of celebrities over to the after party. After all, there is plenty of food and fun planned that we do not want to miss!

Ty Burrell Muppets Most Wanted
Photo Credit: Deanna from

See, what did I tell ya? A photo booth where we can pretend to be in a line up with Constantine. Food from several of the different countries represented in the movie. Drinks. Desserts. Even games and craft tables. So much to see and do.

Muppets Most Wanted After Party - car group
Photo Credit: Tara from Trippin’ with Tara

I am simply glad I had my friends here to experience it all. Yes, YOU! Thank you for joining me as I walked the red carpet in front of El Capitan Theatre for Muppets Most Wanted.

What did you think? Did you enjoy walking the red carpet?

You can see the movie (again, again) in theaters everywhere on March 21st! Be sure to like The Muppets on Facebook, follow @TheMuppets on Twitter, and follow #MuppetsMostWantedEvent for more about the movie and red carpet experience.