fog and low clouds drift over pine trees in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

5 Reasons Why Tennessee Living Is Perfect For Families

As beautiful as some of the biggest cities in this country may be, once you have a child it will change everything you thought you wanted from your neighborhood.

The once enthralling bustling streets and non-stop party life will get old, and it will get old quickly.

Trying to raise a child in an urban jungle is not easy, and when you take the time to think about it—it’s not healthy either. Aside from the pollution, crime, and noise—country living has far more to offer a young family. 

If you want to move to a more peaceful place, Tennessee has some of the world’s most delightfully charming small towns.

little boy is ziplining with helmet on at outdoor treetop park

They are just one of the reasons to move to this state, below are five more reasons that are even better than the first:

1. Good Schools

Inside this thriving state, you will find Tennessee’s best public school district—Williamson County Schools. That is a large district comprising over forty schools that serve Williamson County.

There is a school in Nashville that has the distinction of being the fifth-best high school in the entire country. The University of Tennessee is located in Knoxville and is ranked among the nation’s best public universities.

2. Thriving Job Market

With its booming economy, you’ll find plenty of large companies in Tennessee. This state is considered one of the best places in the country to find gainful employment and help manage your family’s finances.

Nashville draws thousands of job seekers every year, and according to a well-known publication, it is home to the second hottest job market in the country. Tennessee also has one of the most impressively low unemployment rates in the United States.

3. Beautiful Houses

Tennessee is home to what is often referred to as “antebellum architecture”. What that means is it is defined by large houses and enormous farms or plantations that often feature gorgeous wrap-around porches and sloping staircases.

Think large and stunning windows, exterior stairs, and Greek-inspired columns and pillars. The Greek revival style was once one of the most popular residential styles in Tennessee, which gives many of its homes a distinct look.

Do a bit of research and buy your piece of Tennessee real estate.

4. First-Rate Hospitals

Being the good parent you are, good healthcare is probably at the top of your priority list. Tennessee has numerous top-notch hospitals and healthcare facilities scattered throughout the state, so no matter what happens—your family will be covered.

In addition, some of America’s best doctors call Tennessee home—for good reasons too! Some of the best hospitals in the state include The Baptist Memorial Hospital and Ascension St. Thomas Hospital West.

5. Outdoor Adventures

East Tennessee is home to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park—and it will blow your mind. Impressively spanning well over eight hundred square miles, this national treasure is as awe-inspiring as it is vast.

With seemingly countless recreational activities on offer here, you will never run out of ways to explore the great outdoors with your kids.

From hiking the trails to chasing waterfalls (sorry, TLC)—there is always something to do in this incredibly charming state.