realistic baby doll

My girls have an assortment of baby dolls that have been collected over the years. They have plush ones and ones so hard they could crack an egg. Nevertheless, they did not have a realistic baby doll that was anatomically correct.

realistic baby doll

Realistic Baby Doll

Therefore, when the La Newborn from JC Toys arrived and looked like a real baby laying inside that box, the girls could not wait to open her up. In fact, my 2 year old grabbed the box, set it in front of me, and then laid on top of it staring at the baby inside until I finally opened it for her.

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Once we opened it up she did not want to share, of course, and sat and cuddled the doll like she was a real baby.

features of a real newborn

Features of a Real Newborn

The doll seems so real and is soft to the touch. Her baby wrinkles and lifelike eyes make you do a double take when walking by. Her facial expression is adorable and truly captures the realness of a newborn.

Even her little belly button and belly rolls capture the features of a real newborn wonderfully.

My favorite feature is the way her hands are formed just as I remember my children always holding their hands as a baby. Plus, she is soft and the details in her face are simply amazing.

Oh, and you simply have to adore her long toes, tiny lips, and cute button nose. As for the girls, they only care that she is small, movable, and can be changed into different outfits.

encourage imaginative play

They are still trying to agree on a name to put on the baby’s birth certificate but they have only had a short time.

I know we took the full 9 months to come up with names sometimes so I am sure they will pick one soon enough.

Encourage Imaginative Play

As a mom, I am excited to be able to encourage imaginative play in my girls. My imagination is often buried by my logical, analytical way of thinking, so I like to encourage it in my children. And what an imagination they have.

Considering they have witnessed me be pregnant, give birth, nurse, diaper, bathe, feed and care for their younger siblings, my children are well-versed in the art of baby care and it is apparent in their play.

Realistic Baby Doll

My 6 year old was often found nursing her babies when she was younger because she saw mommy doing it.

Child development experts believe doll play is a great way to encourage imagination in young children. Watching my girls as they play I must agree!

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