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There is often this misconception that men don’t clean. In fact, I often hear women complain about their husbands and how messy they are.

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They talk about how when they leave the men home alone with the kids, they come back to a house in complete disarray.

These same women are also in shock when I tell them that Colby is the complete opposite.

When I leave him home, I come home to a clean and tidy house.

real men clean

Real Men Clean

I’m not sure how I got “so lucky.” I used to tease that I got him early (we began dating when he was 15) and simply trained him upright.

But honestly, cleaning comes naturally to Colby.

He did chores as a kid, as the oldest child at home, which pruned him for keeping a clean house as an adult.

Plus, I’m sure part of it is just part of who he is. So, to me, Real Men Clean.

Just ask my kids!

Hero Clean Dish + Hand Soap plus All-Purpose Cleaner

Now, thanks to Hero Clean, Colby can do the housework he enjoys doing and NOT walk away smelling flowery-fresh.

Hero Clean is the first-ever home cleaning line scientifically formulated for guys. It is specifically formulated and fragranced for guys’ gear and homes.

For example, their All-Purpose Cleaner , because you only need one cleaner for all the surfaces in your house, is based on the fragrance, Juniper.

Why Juniper? Well, it’s the flavoring ingredient in Gin. Enough said?

I can also add that it’s not flowery or sweet smelling but does leave a clean, fresh scent.

Hero Clean Dish + Hand Soap

Personally, I just know that it makes things easier for Colby when it comes to cleaning.

It means we don’t have to manage several different cleaners and the house doesn’t smell incredibly over-fragranced when he is done cleaning.

Plus, it’s simple to use. Hold the bottle 6-8 inches from the surface you’re cleaning, spray, then wipe with a towel or rag.

It’s safe for counters, sinks, showers, hardwood, and even tools.

Throw all the dishes off the counter into the sink and use Hero Clean’s Dish + Hand Soap for the rest of the cleaning. Three pumps into a sink of water, clean, and rinse.

The kitchen is clean and your wife is happy.

Colby’s mantra: “Happy wife, Happy life.”

Hero Clean All-Purpose Cleaner

Hero Clean now helps him achieve that feeling of euphoria with fewer supplies and more manly applications.

He’s happy, I’m happy. The kids don’t really care but may appreciate it later in life.

Oh, even Veterans can rejoice! For every bottle sold Hero Clean donates a percentage to support our nation’s veterans.

See what I mean?

Happiness is spread all around when Real Men Clean!

Ready to Hero Clean your home? 

Hero Clean products are available now in select stores: Ace Hardware, Wegman’s, Runnings, and Amazon.