Scout and books

Read with Me Scout from LeapFrog

LeapFrog has been one of my favorite brands since I realized I wanted learning toys for my oldest child.

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The LeapFrog Letter Factory DVD saw its fair share of playtime around our home. Now, that love for the brand continues even with my youngest.

Read with me Scout

Read with Me Scout

Meet Read with Me Scout. He is an interactive plush toy that helps children develop reading comprehension skills and get them on the path to reading.

Plus, for my daughter and her speech disorder, the fact that he talks to her is perfect! She can sit with Scout, pick a book, push a button, and he will read the book to her.

Sound effects and directions included. The rhyming patterns in the books are especially crucial in helping her build her language skills.

This is such an incredible way for her to hear the phonetic sounds she needs to further develop her speaking abilities.

The repetition Scout provides her is fabulous.

Scout and books

She quickly learned to pat Scout’s head when it was time to turn the page and to imitate the sounds and actions from the story.

Although she is not quite capable of answering his comprehension questions on her own, with a little prompting, she is doing great.

I am thrilled at the engagement she is able to have with her new interactive dog. Again, every little bit helps with her speech therapy.

LeapFrog Scout dog

Plus, her sisters are having a great time listening to the stories with her. It creates an ideal situation for them to play and learn together.

Each book has fabulous teachable moments.

Not to mention, with over 70 comprehension questions to accompany the 5 illustrated board books, there is plenty of conversation to keep them talking and giggling.

They can work on colors, shapes, patterns, and more as they dive into the pages of each of the books.

For the older girls, it gives them the ability to teach something to their younger siblings.

Always a fantastic opportunity when that type of situation presents itself in everyday playtime.

LeapFrog Scout

When the girls are done reading with Scout, they simply switch him over to Sleepy Time Mode so they can snuggle up and listen to 8 minutes of lullabies.

I believe this is their favorite feature. Actually, watching them cuddle up with Scout as he lulls them into quiet time is probably one of my favorites as well!

After all, it helps teach them listening skills… and gets them to settle down for just a bit. Win-win!

Does your preschool child enjoy reading?

Disclosure: I received Read with Me Scout as part of a promotional program with LeapFrog and MomSelect.