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Easy Froot Loops Rainbow Craft for Kids for St. Patrick’s Day


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  1. In order to appease our organizational minds, we first separated our Froot Loops into groups by colors for easier access while crafting. 
    Froot Loops
  2. Decide just how wide you want the rainbow of Froot Loops to be on the blue construction paper… without gluing them down. Once you determine how you want the rainbow to spread across the paper, remove the cereal and squeeze out a trail of glue. (We did one color at a time.) Froot Loops
  3. After all of the colors are nearing the pot of gold, use the width of the rainbow to build a pattern for your pot. Cut the pot out of the black construction paper make sure the mouth of the pot is big enough to “catch” the rainbow. Then glue the black pot into position.
  4. Next you need to make the gold. Take 1/2 cup of sugar and 3 drops of yellow food coloring and mix together. Add more coloring to your desired color. Rainbow Craft Gold
  5. Squeeze glue along top of black pot and then pour “gold” sugar over the glue. Pour excess gold back into the container. (Optional: have gold pouring out of pot onto the ground belowPot of Gold
  6. Let it dry and you are done!

See? Easy-peasy, right?!

One of my daughter’s simply wrote her “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” message on the blank space under the rainbow. My little Diva decided that was not good enough and we had to make her black pot open like a card (by folding the construction paper in half and cutting it out along the edge).

She then used a white crayon to write her St. Patrick’s Day message inside. Even my toddler was able to make one of her own… although she was more into eating the Froot Loops and counting them than gluing.

But she still enjoyed it!

Toddler Counting
What do you do for rainy day crafts?

Do you ever make crafts from pantry items?

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