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If you pour over the past 4+ years of posts here on my blog, you will no doubt get the feeling that I have a passion for writing. A passion that I hope to instill in at least one of my children. And with that desire to write comes an addiction to writing utensils. Yep. Addiction. In fact, I am excited about the new BIC Kids™ line up.

BIC Kids line up

BIC Kids

BIC Kids™ is actually the first line of children’s writing instruments in the U.S. that are specifically designed to help kids learn to write. How amazing is that? Each product is developed with the aide of both teachers and children. Ergonomically designed  to fit little hands, the products provide the kids with a unique guiding line. This line helps the child have proper finger placement whether they are right or left-handed.

The BIC Kids line-up includes:

  • BIC Kids Mechanical Pencil comes in pink or blue, and includes an eraser and lead refill with six leads. Students can also personalize the pencil with stickers.
  • BIC Kids Pen is available in purple or green, and includes stickers for personalization.
  • BIC Kids Stylus offers an innovative tool for small hands that helps children navigate tablets in the classroom or at home. The stylus has a soft grip and comes in black with a yellow guiding line.

Helping to further their writing skills in any way is a bonus.

BIC Kids mechanical pencil

Proper Writing Tools

With a preschooler just learning to write, I found how important it is to provide proper writing tools. Sure I have 4 older kids, but they each learned while in public school. Our youngest will be the first to homeschool from the beginning of her schooling journey. It’s all up to us to teach her. BIC Kids is helping to not only aide her in learning, but to help us in teaching.

proper writing technique

Using the visual guiding line on the BIC Kids pencil and stylus, we were able to maneuver her fingers into position. This helped her to better understand how the tools should be held, and was a little less stressful for us. Visual guides meant we could all work together to get it right. Or at least as close to possible as we are just beginning the process.

BIC Kids stylus

Considering our kids are definitely no strangers to tech, we began with the BIC Kids Stylus.  Using a few of her favorite educational apps, we worked with her to learn how to hold the stylus based on the visual guiding line. It helps to separate the fingers correctly and then prevents them from interlocking fingers. Even the colors of the writing tools were well thought out. The bold color contrasts help to form a quick visual check. Smart, right?!

preschool handwriting practice

Even when practicing on paper, we were able to teach her how to hold the pencil between her fingers… we now have to work on proper angle. It’s a work in progress made easier with the BIC Kids writing tools. Not to mention, check out the Play and Color App as well as other tools on

BIC Back to School


But, no worries, BIC also has new products for the older kids, teens, and adults in the 2014 Back-to-School season:

  • BIC® 4-Color™ The iconic BIC 4-Color pen was the first of its kind, providing the convenient ability to choose from four ink colors (red, green, blue or black) at the click of a button to suit any mood or take on any writing task. Today, it remains a favorite among students and teachers. I remember using it in school and thought it was the coolest! Today, I pretty much think the same thing. It is also available in both a 4-Color Metallic and Mini.
  • BIC Atlantis® Comfort New to the popular BIC Atlantis franchise it features BIC’s exclusive ink system for long-lasting smoothness, which also includes a comfortable full body grip for ease of writing.
  • BIC Atlantis® Exact Features a fine point for exact, precise lines and clean writing! With a full grip area and smooth ink system, perfect for the studious note-taker.
  • BIC® Mechanical Pencil – Xtra Shine – A back-to-school favorite for years, now available in  fun, new shiny, holographic design and perfect for any type of writing!
  • BIC® Magic Marker® Brand Dry Erase Marker For a long-lasting ink supply, high-performance dry erase marker that erases easily and offers a consistent flow of vivid, bold colors and low odor in one marker.
  • BIC® Wite-Out® brand Zap!Students will have the convenience of correction tape in trendy neon designs! This correction tape is great for schools and easy for lefties or righties to use, plus it comes in a compact size for easy storage.

So many great, stylish, and practical ways to kick off your new school year!

BIC Fight for Your Write

Fight for Your Write

BIC’s main goal this year is to encourage students to write more often, because writing is by far one of the most important learning tools for a child’s academic success and growth. Research has shown that writing fosters children’s emotional and cognitive development, helps foster critical thinking skills and improves academic achievement.

To help achieve that goal, BIC has launched the “Fight for Your Write” campaign, which reinforces how fun and empowering writing can be. The campaign offers information about writing and tips from literacy expert Pam Allyn to help parents, caregivers and students make a commitment to write more often. Learn more at

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