Goodtimer Children's Book

Finding a happy medium between gentle parenting and toddler tantrums can be a challenge. There needs to be some balance and finding a way to promote positive decision-making.

That’s where Goodtimer comes in!

Goodtimer is an interactive and friendly clock-like companion that glows with soothing green lights and encouraging sounds that motivate kids to learn healthy habits that last.


The concept is simple: when your child makes good choices, the Goodtimer is flipped right-side up.

On the other hand, as a consequence for breaking a house rule, the Goodtimer is flipped over pausing the ‘Good Time’ earned.

Goodtimer Children's book and tokens

How is this different from a time out?

Unlike putting a child in timeout where the child can feel isolated, Goodtimer encourages the family to take a ‘time-in’ to better understand why the behavior occurred, as well as work together to get back on track.

Goodtimer positive reinforcement

How do I make ‘time-in’ a productive strategy?

A ‘time-in’ emphasizes connection versus isolation. Take a few deep breaths, ask your child to follow you to a safe space to talk, and remind yourself why your child is acting out.

It’s typically best to start with simply acknowledging that your child is upset. Let them know you see them and understand they’re having some big emotions.

Listen without denying or minimizing their feelings. As you listen, their emotions are being released in a more reasonable matter and begin to dissipate.

Once your child has had time to feel heard and slips back in to a more positive frame of mind, you can offer alternative behaviors to the one’s they displayed.

Review the house rules and talk about how they can improve their actions if the situation arises again.

Once they’ve made amends, calmed down, and you’ve both had a moment to connect, let them turn their Goodtimer back over to once again begin counting their ‘Good Time.’

Goodtimer educational toy

How does Goodtimer help with temper tantrums?

For most toddlers, tantrums are a way to express frustration due to lack of both communication and emotional skills. Cognitive development and language are only two of the developmental milestones sprouting during this time.

Therefore, after you receive the Goodtimer, you should sit down with your toddler and read the included Children’s book. Establish your house rules with simple, clear statements your toddler can understand.

Then, use the included token sheet to help your toddler set goals in order to earn tokens.

When your toddler breaks one of the house rules, ask them to flip over the Goodtimer and calmly explain why they must do so. Let them know the decision to make good choices, and consequently flip the Goodtimer back over, is up to them.

Giving them an incentive with the tokens, and making it their choice to decide, often leads to a more positive outcome. Letting them turn the Goodtimer back over, and encouraging their decision, helps promote positive decision-making.

Throughout the day, Goodtimer continues to visually display 12 green-glowing segments that light up one by one. It also uses encouraging voice prompts that motivate your child to continue to make good choices as they earn their way to more tokens.

Goodtimer plus Children's Book and Tokens

Get Started with Goodtimer

Goodtimer is a visible way to keep track of the ‘Good Time’ your child earns, plus it provides constant positive reinforcement encouraging them to keep at it!

4 Steps to Positive Decision-making
  1. Read the Goodtimer Children’s Book
  2. Create your house rules
  3. Flip the Goodtimer over to start earning ‘Good Time’
  4. Earn, Save & Spend Tokens

It’s simple to use and can easily be incorporated into your every day routine.