Practical Suggestions for Nursing Students to be Successful

From the first day you join a nursing college, you begin preparations for a brighter future. A nursing career attracts a good salary, job security, and opportunities for advancement.

Throughout your time in college, there are diverse challenges you will face too. You will have hectic schedules to manage and a social-study life to balance. You will have many assignments to handle and a complex syllabus to complete.

With prior preparation and good planning, it is easy to succeed in nursing school. Stay organized, learn to ask questions, and have the right course attitude.

two female nursing students laughing over a project together

Here are recommendations for nursing students to help you succeed.

Getting started with college life

Your first year in a nursing college could be the most challenging. It might be your first time being away from your family for a long time.

You will meet new people and new teachers and live in a new environment. Despite the challenges, you can make it and succeed in your study. 

Make good use of your resources

In the first month after joining the school, you will acquire many resources. You will have your peers, lecturers, books, and electronic gadgets.

There will be a library full of books, a counseling department, and administrators. Make good use of every resource you have.

Be sure to give some thought to your finances and also make sure that you are able to finance the right education too. This will help you to balance out the time that you need to complete the relevant coursework.

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Beyond school, one of the important resources will be professional writers. The teacher will give you extra work to complete after every class lesson. 

There will be college papers to write, homework, and other activities. They are part of university education and require a lot of time, but you do not have to worry.

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After classes, connect with the service and give them the details of your assignment. With their help, you will never feel overwhelmed by the demands of your course.

Do not work alone

After joining nursing college, you might have no one you know in the entire school. One of the study tips for nursing students to remember is never to work alone. You need a friend and the company of students to succeed.

Close friends will help you with issues you cannot share with everyone. The other students will help build your study skills and ideas for survival. It is stressful to work alone, but with a community of students, it is easier to succeed. 

Set your mind right

Some first-year students feel like they made a mistake choosing a nursing course. However, every course presents various types of challenges. Having the right mind is one of the tips for nursing students in the first year to remember.

A nursing course is divided into 50% practice and 50% theory. You are required to complete both and perform well. Most colleges in the US require you to complete a total of 120 credits. With the right mindset, it is easy to complete them and succeed. 

Advancing in college life

After the first year, you have already gotten used to college life and adjusted yourself. You already have good friends and are no longer homesick. However, you still have several years to go to complete college.

Here are helpful tips for nursing students to use for success. 

Develop effective study strategies

The amount of work that demands your attention will increase with each lesson you attend. The volume of notes will increase as well as books to read and assignments to do.

Develop effective study strategies to help you succeed. Find a quiet place where you will be studying from.

Get a study friend to help you stay accountable. Look for various types of study resources, such as podcasts for nursing students. Develop consistency and make adjustments where necessary. 

Develop your academic goals

You need to have short-term and long-term academic goals. Long-term goals may focus on the entire course or one academic year. Short-term goals may focus on each semester or half a year.

Use S.M.A.R.T. goals strategically and keep a strict focus. The goals need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

The goals should not be static but dynamic. Allow room for change to help you refocus or strategize goals that seem not to work. 

Grades are good, but they are not everything

It is good to achieve good grades and to be ahead of other students. However, the main goal of a nursing course is not to get high grades. The main goal is to acquire nursing knowledge for a nursing career.

One of the recommendations for nursing students is to focus on knowledge. You cannot ignore grades but work hard to understand how to excel in the career field. 

Take care of your health

It is harder to succeed as a nursing student if your health is poor. Many things impact your health negatively. They range from the food you eat to emotions, amount of sleep, and exercise.

One of the helpful tips for nursing students by professionals is to take care of your health. Choose the right type of food and take time to exercise.

Daily, make sure you get enough sleep to avoid developing stress. When you are emotionally affected, seek professional help. 


Nursing college students face many challenges from their first day in school. They have to create a balance between academics and personal life. Some of the study tips for nursing students are to have good friends and a workable study strategy.

The students need to be good time managers and take care of their health. It is important to have the right mind and to develop academic goals.