polaroid frame magnets from instagram pictures

I don’t know about you, but I love handmade gifts.

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Whether I am creating them or getting them, they are by far my favorite. This year is no different.

And thanks to HP Instant Ink I should have plenty of ink to get me through the season.

HP Instant Ink program

HP Instant Ink

Using my HP printer, I am able to seamlessly use the HP Instant Ink program. It is simple to set up and saves you up to 50% on the cost of Original HP ink.

Plus, it helps to ensure you never run out of ink. Instant Ink subscribers are charged by the number of pages they print each month rather than by ink usage.

Therefore, regardless of what is being printed each month, black and white or color documents and high-quality photos, it is still going to cost the same.

HP Envy 5530 printer

The program really helps us save on our homeschool printing needs already. We print out items for the girls weekly and the HP Instant Ink program keeps us supplied with ink.

But, this month we are going to be using it a bit more. Christmas gifts are in the process of being made and I am so excited. Photo gifts are my very favorite!

Our oldest daughter recently moved into her new apartment with her fiancésans a roommate.

That means everything in the new place is now theirs to do as they like. I wanted to do something fun with her Instagram pictures and found a few great ideas.

Since I unpacked her kitchen I noticed her refrigerator magnets were nothing to speak of. I may be a fridge magnet snob, so wanted to give her some to really show off.

Polaroid Frame Magnets

Polaroid Frame Magnets

Using an old Polaroid frame file I had from my digital scrapbooking days YEARS ago, I created an easy png frame to use with any photo editing program. (So that you don’t need Photoshop to do the craft.)

I used PicMonkey to make sure it worked fine with the free program. Open an 8×10 document and get ready to create.

magnet frame template

Once you have the transparent doc open, click over to the Overlays and then “add your own.” Open the png Polaroid frame template and size to fit the canvas.

Next, using the same “add your own” button, begin to add your photos to the document. Size each picture into a frame and then “send to back.”

add pics to frame for printing

Once you have your frames filled, save and send the document to your HP Printer. Print on HP Photo Paper and then set aside for a few minutes.

Gather your other supplies:

  • scissors/crafting knife
  • glue stick
  • card stock (I repurposed cereal boxes)
  • magnetic tape

Begin by gluing the printed photo sheet on the cereal box/card stock.

Next, cut apart each framed picture. This will help sturdy your magnet. Add a strip of magnet to the back once dry.

Package for gifting or stick to your own refrigerator. You’re done!

Get crafty and make even more fun photo projects! With HP Instant Ink you won’t run out of ink and you will make your friends and family happy with your crafty gifts!

How will you use HP Instant Ink to create holiday gifts?

Learn more about how the HP Instant Ink program works by visiting hp.com/instantink.


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