Gymboree Christmas 2014

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Nothing delights me more as a parent than seeing how much my kids actually love each other. Our teens are pretty inseparable and the younger three girls are the best of friends. Although they enjoy playing with their friends, nothing beats a sister playdate. Whether hanging out at our local Historic Center or playing at the park, there is always plenty of laughter. Thanks to Gymboree they also look great doing it… together!

Frisco Historical sites for families

Playdate Fun in Frisco

Watching the girls play I begin to realize just how quickly kids grow. That is apparent with our older two as they are growing ever so close to adulthood. But even they enjoy a good day at the park. Gymboree believes that “kids shouldn’t grow up too fast… and, there’s no better way than through play.” I must agree. Even when I go down a slide, run through the grass, or jump over puddles with them I feel like a kid again. There are elements of play that simply keep the heart young.

Gymboree Christmas 2014

And it doesn’t always have to be scheduled or regimented. Some of our favorite memories were made by spontaneous ideas one of us had. Plus, since the girls spend so much time together, they have an incredible ability to make anything end in giggles. I mean, they are girls. It’s all about the giggles most days.

Gymboree winter 2014 preschoolers

Being able to just walk through the Frisco Heritage Center and watch them explore is fascinating. Each building brings new discovery and joy. Not to mention, another picture perfect place to pose.

winter outfits for girls Gymboree

Yet as they play together, they learn. Whether learning about the place in front of them or practicing social skills, every moment is another opportunity for learning.

Gymboree - swinging on bars

Of course sometimes, most of the time really, it is simply about being together. They share such a great bond as sisters and truly love to laugh and play together. Whether studying the old cars, reading about the historic buildings, playing on the vintage train cars, or climbing the steps of the old church, it’s all about exploring and having a good time together.

Gymboree winter 2014 collection

Mostly though…

tween girl Gymboree fashion

it’s all about enjoying the scenery…

Gymboree 2014 preteen styles

and the people.

preschool Gymboree winter 2014

And finding a place to have a sibling (or friend) playdate just got easier thanks to Gymboree. Why? Gymboree has recently launched a playdate guide on Pinterest. It is the ultimate resource for parents so there is always a reason for a playdate.

Gymboree Pinterest playdate guide

Gymboree, with the help of fellow bloggers, has compiled great locations for playdates all over the United States. Find a location near you and get out there and have some fun!

Frisco Snowcone Lady - Gymboree

We can even give you more ideas here in Frisco… and our favorite Dallas location. But first, when the Texas heat hits, you must stop by the Frisco Snowcone Lady. She is legendary around here and found right next to the Heritage Center. Not to mention, it is a sweet frozen treat during our summer months.

Gymboree winter line for girls

Then, just a few blocks away, we find our favorite park: Hope Park. It is specially equipped for children with disabilities and sensory issues. Awesome, right?! Joeli, with her Sensory Processing Disorder, absolutely loves it!

tween clothes for winter 2014

Plus, not only will you find a huge, incredibly amazing park, but there is also a splash pad and nature trail. As you walk around the trail you can learn more about the history of the area too.

Gymboree panda bear mittens

Plus, here are a few more of our local favorite spots:

As well as the Perot Museum in Dallas. It is voted one of the top 10 in the country. It’s pretty amazing! Even the teens don’t mind a playdate there!

4 piece Gymboree tween outfit

Honestly though, whether we get out and about, or simply stay home, the girls just love the idea of playing. In fact, it’s almost as fun as dressing up. They do love to dress up for certain events. Another reason to wear their fabulous Gymboree styles is ideal for our girls.

Gymboree - sisters in fashion

Where do you go for winter playdates around you?

Ultimately, Gymboree envisions the interactive map as a collaborative effort between parents who want to share ideas for their little ones—for every age, city and season! Share those photos!

Oh! Want the Gymboree look the girls are sporting in the pictures above?

Jaden (almost 11):

  • Zip Collar Fair Isle Sweater
  • Pull-On Geo Skirt
  • Quilted Polka Dot Vest (Navy Dots)
  • Ribbed Tights (Neon Pink)

Jaci (9):

  • Panda Face Sparkle Sweater
  • Super Skinny Jeans
  • Quilted Puffer Vest (Neon Pink)
  • Convertible Panda Gloves

Joeli (5):

  • Striped Sweater Dress (Iced Pink)
  • Sparkle Puffer Vest (Soft Silver)
  • Ribbed Tights (Gym Navy)
  • Love Sparkle Sweater Dress (not shown)
Big thanks to Gymboree for sponsoring this post. All opinions and experiences are my own though.