punts on River Cherwell in Oxford, England, UK

Traveling as a family can be tough as you need to find things to make both the adults and the kids in your family happy.

If you’re looking for the perfect weekend getaway for the whole family, then Oxford may be the place for you!

Nestled in the central southern part of England, Oxford has plenty of things to offer to visitors. This city has everything from beautiful architecture to a rich history, fun activities, and prestigious higher education!

If you’re looking to plan your next exciting trip to Oxford, you’ve come to the right place!

All Souls College in Oxford, England, UK

Here’s everything you need to know and see in this bustling university city!

Experience Hogwarts

Kicking off the list of must-see experiences for the whole family is a Harry Potter tour! The Harry Potter tour in Oxford is exciting for all ages whether you’re a die-hard Potter Head or a lover of great views and sights to see.

Many prominent scenes and locations in the Harry Potter series were filmed on-site in Oxford, so it would be a shame to miss out on a guided tour. The tour is a fantastic way for your kids to pretend to be a wizard for the day and a great way for you to relive your favorite childhood books!

Visit the colleges

If you’re not much for magic and wizardry, you can check out the prestigious Oxford colleges instead! Oxford is home to 39 beautiful colleges with plenty to gawk at for the whole family.

Take a stroll through the stunning halls and chapels of Balliol or let your kids play in the gardens and grounds of Queen’s College. Check out the gorgeous Christ Church and the Alice shop on St. Aldgates for some great views and history.

Make a day of it by bringing some picnic supplies and snacks! Whether you’re planning to enroll your kids in these prestigious schools or not, checking them out is a great idea!

Check out the museums

Aside from prestigious colleges, Oxford has many educational outing options for the whole family. There are many fascinating and fun museums to check out starting with the famous Oxford Museum of Natural History. Your kids will love the whale, dinosaur, and gemstone exhibits, while you marvel at the rich history.

You can also check out the Pitt Rivers Museum next door for some shrunken heads and other curiosities! If you’re looking for something more magical, check out the Story museum for a visually stunning and immersive experience for the whole family!

Don’t miss out on the unique and exciting ways to learn while in Oxford!

Botanical gardens and parks

If nature is more your speed than museums and colleges, you can check out some of the many gorgeous parks and botanical gardens. Oxford is home to some of the most beautiful botanical gardens in England that are perfect for children of all ages looking to explore nature.

Your kids can enjoy visiting the rose garden maze and completing the trails, and you can even get them some ‘Botanic Backpacks’ for extra fun.

The Cutteslowe Park is the largest in the area with three playgrounds, crazy golf, and plenty of green open spaces. Let your kids roam free while you enjoy a coffee or ice cream and enjoy the beauty of nature!

Try your hand at punting

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a fun activity in Oxford for the whole family, look no further than punting! Head down to Magdalen Bridge boathouse or others scattered along the river and hire a pedalo, rowing boat, or take a chauffeured punt.

You can enjoy a different view of the city while you experience a fun activity with your family. The chauffeured punt is a great way to see the famous Botanic Gardens, Christ Church Meadows, and St Hilda’s College gardens.

Before you set sail down the river, make sure to check the forecast to have the best punting experience in Oxford!

So there you have it! With this guide in mind, you’re ready to head to Oxford with your family like a pro!

To have the best trip in Oxford, start your trip off with some magic by experiencing pieces of Hogwarts through a guided tour!

Check out some of the prestigious colleges for some nature, beautiful architecture, and rich history. Take your family to visit some of the many fascinating and enlightening museums to expand your horizons. 

Become one with the stunning nature and visit some of the many parks and botanical gardens on your stay! Last but not least, if you’re looking for a unique way to view the city, get on a boat and go punting with your family!

Keep this guide in mind and enjoy exploring the city of Oxford on your next family trip!