Bathroom remodels are often a very strenuous task. There are things you can do to simplify the bathroom remodel process. The best thing you can do is pick the five most important things of the remodel and focus on them. 

The most important parts can be the things in the bathroom that require the most work to be done to them or the things you would prefer to be upgraded.

If you are having trouble deciding what the main focal points should be, try out these.

Bathroom Remodel

Here are five things to focus your bathroom remodel on.  

Dual Vanity

Vanities are a vital component of all bathrooms. You must first decide whether or not you want single or dual vanities. It is most likely that the master bathroom is being shared between two people.

Therefore double vanities would be preferable. After deciding the number of sinks you want in the bathroom, you will have to determine their style.

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You should pick your vanity style to match the style you want the whole bathroom to be.

For example, if you want your bathroom to turn out sleek and modern after the remodel, search for a modern style of vanity. When picking out the vanity, remember bigger is better.

Dual vanities are often used as storage for multiple items in the bathroom. Also, if you plan to sell your home in the future, many people will prefer large dual vanities in the master bathroom.

Different styles of vanities are often made up of different materials. Modern ones will most likely be sharp and clean and made out of materials like marble or quartz.  

A rustic-style vanity will most likely be made out of materials like wood or stone.  

You need to understand what type of material you want the vanity to be made of, as this will play a significant role in staying under the budget.

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For obvious reasons, lighting is a crucial part of any room. The main decision you need to make about lighting is whether you want your bathroom to be filled with a majority of natural light or artificial light.  

Both have many benefits and downsides, so it is best to consider your options properly.

No matter what, you are going to need some source of artificial light. This is so that you can use the bathroom during hours when the sun is not visible.

The key to large amounts of natural light is a large number of windows or skylights.

Many people love for their homes to consist of many windows and spots for light to seep through. 

However, some people do not feel the same way about the bathroom. Some people value the privacy a bathroom has to offer.  

If you want a lot of natural light in the bathroom, you will need a lot of windows.  This can sometimes be very uncomfortable if you live on a busy road or near a lot of people.

Natural light is a good option if you are not worried about people looking into your bathroom.

Suppose you want to have more artificial light then you need to find lamps and things that fit into your bathroom scheme well. Different styles of lamps and chandeliers will fit into various styles of bathrooms.  


There are a bunch of different shower styles. There are showers that can also function as a bathtub, and there are showers with multiple faucets.

Showers have many different elements that you will need to consider. You will have to think about whether you want a shower door or shower curtain.

After that decision is made, you have to think about what type of door or curtain you want.  

The most common material used for shower doors is glass.  

Clear glass contributes very well to a modern aesthetic that most people are aiming for when they are doing a bathroom remodel.

If you plan to have shower curtains instead, you can use translucent or white curtains to maintain the sleek modern look.  

The other main shower components you have to consider are the shower faucet and floor. The most common shower floor used is tile, and the most common material used for a faucet is stainless steel.  

Both of these items have a spotless and sophisticated look. If you do not have any desire for a bathtub, it would be best to make a large walk-in shower.  

Don’t neglect the walls when you’re redesigning the shower area, either. It’s vital that you choose a wall that’s not only waterproof but doesn’t allow mold to grow.

Tiles can require a little more maintenance than you might like in this area and, as such, you may want to look at shower panel wetwalls from Floors to Walls, instead. That way you only need to be concerned with wiping them clean.


Oftentimes, bathrooms act as an extra closet in a home. Lots of bathrooms are used to store things such as towels, clothes, and even different kinds of medicines.

Most people would prefer to fill their bathroom up with desired amenities and decorations, rather than using a proper amount of storage space.

If you are someone who prioritizes other things rather than storage, there are some neat items you can buy to maximize storage space. Plenty of vanities have provided storage underneath.  

You can also purchase cabinets that function as mirrors as well. Other storage items will not be as stylish or subtle but will be a crucial addition to your bathroom if you have a lot of miscellaneous items.


The flooring may be the most essential part of the bathroom remodel. This is because the flooring will most likely take up the most place, and it will determine the tone of the whole bathroom.

For example, modern-style flooring will lead to a more contemporary bathroom. You need to determine what style you want the bathroom to be and purchase the flooring accordingly.  

To achieve a harmonious transition from your countertop to the wall, carefully selected backsplash tile designs can serve as a visual bridge, elevating the entire look of your space.

You should also make sure you like the feeling of the floor before you purchase it. Sometimes bathroom tile can be too stiff, causing strain on the feet.

Making sure the flooring is comfortable will ensure you do not hurt your feet in the long run.

There are so many elements of planning a bathroom remodel.

Narrowing down five main aspects will make the task much more straightforward and less stressful. The five aspects above are the most optimal things to focus the bathroom remodel on.