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25 Tips to Plan a Trip to Mexico City

Mexico City is one of our favorite cities to return to. And although we believe we understand the city quite well by now, we always find something new that makes it our beloved city even more.

It is essential that you plan a schedule when you go, and that you are as informed as possible about matters such as transportation.

You must know the best time to visit Mexico.

The Palacio de Bellas Artes in downtown Mexico City on a sunny day

These are a few tips to plan a trip to Mexico City.

  1. Accommodations: If you’re looking for a place to live in Mexico City, the Centro Historico has many dormitories and hotels to choose from. Expect to pay about 4-5 USD for the most basic option.
  1. Bottled Water is a Must: This is Mexico Town 101: Do not consume the water. It’s not healthy to consume, and even the natives stay away from it. If you don’t wish Montezuma’s Revenge to ruin your trip to Mexico City, buy some water bottles. 
  1. Get a SIM card for your phone: To utilize Uber, as well as the EcoBici rented bikes in Mexico City, you’ll require data. Therefore, acquire a SIM card as soon as you arrive.
  1. Dining: Deciding where to begin might be difficult with so much cuisine on display. Everything from excellent international cuisine to local and provincial food vendors’ specialties may be found here.
  1. Make Your Phone Ready for Usage in Mexico: It’s fantastic to have a device that operates in Mexico City. You can effortlessly share your activities on Snapchat and Facebook, order an Uber after just a night out, and comfortably navigate the downtown streets with roaming data.
  1. Withdraw as much money as you can: Take out enough cash as you want to at once to reduce the number of ATM trips you’ll need to conduct and foreign withdrawal limits. It will come in handy.
  1. Taxis, buses, eco-taxis, pedal bikes, and the metro are all available modes of transportation. Uber also is an excellent mode of transportation around Mexico City.
  1. Don’t Count on Your Credit Card: While some establishments in Mexico City accept credit cards, carrying cash is considerably more convenient. This is understandable given the good currency value in Mexico City for American visitors.
  1. Invest in a plug-in insect repellent: The mosquitos are among the few things I dislike about Mexico City. Although there aren’t as many swarms as in the Amazon or Northern Canada, they have a surprising power to alter your slumber.
  1. Activities: Mexico City offers a variety of one-person and multi-person tours. Tours start at $20 in the United States.
  1. Try the Local Cuisine: You’ll discover delicious selections wherever you go in Mexico. But the excellent street cuisine of Mexico City has been at the head of that list.
  1. Register for EcoBici: Mexico City is remarkably bike-friendly despite the widespread notion that Mexican transportation is as chaotic as a habanero being swallowed whole.
  1. Access to a free wifi network: One of the best parts about visiting Mexico City is how you can access a free wifi connection in almost all tourist places.
  1. Don’t Forget to Tip: Tipping is required in Mexico. A 10% gratuity is customary at restaurants for excellent service.
  1. Request samples from restaurants: Request tastings if you’re not sure what sauce, moles, or pulque taste to have at a restaurant. Almost any restaurant or bar will gladly accommodate you.
  1. Learn some fundamental Spanish: I recommend learning Spanish in practically every Mexico vacation blog I’ve posted on this site.
  1. Layer your outfit: Mexico City can be visited at any time. The average temperature is around sixty and eighty degrees. However, it might get cold at night.
  1. Get on the roofs: The Search engines for “best terrace bar in Mexico” are terrible. The locations in the rankings are more upscale than they are up high, often hidden, and have no vistas.
  1. Look for restaurants with long lines: That’s an adage that holds true no matter where you have been. However, I can attest that it is correct in Mexico City.
  1. Neighborhood Exploration: Mexico City has many fantastic communities. Discovering what each neighborhood offers is one of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting this vibrant city.
  1. Scorch those buns: The cuisine in Mexico City is, beyond a doubt, the most delicate part. The extra food you consume, the more enjoyable your journey will be.
  1. Attempt vegan or vegetarian cuisine: When deciding what to dine as a newbie to Mexico City, you might feel overwhelmed.
  1. Avoid using travel agencies: It might be tempting to employ a travel company when visiting Mexico City. They can, however, be costly and rigid.
  1. Step inside a pulqueria: Pulque is brewed with a personality. It’s a gut-friendly brewed beverage with 3-to-8 percent booze that can only be found in Mexico’s great plains, about a day’s drive away.
  1. Browse out the Major Tourist Attractions: Mexico City has a plethora of genuinely excellent tourist destinations. There’s plenty to see, with ancient pyramids, ongoing archeological monuments, and many excellent museums.

Wrapping Up

As stated at the outset of this post, in order to really appreciate this massive metropolis, you must plan ahead of time.

To get through Mexico City’s tourism layer, contact a local for assistance in planning your dream planned route.

Also, be accessible to respond to questions throughout your visit, which will come in handy if you encounter any issues.