Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Have you put up your tree yet? Do you put one up? I know a few families that actually put up around 12 Christmas trees throughout their house!

Oh Christmas Tree

I can barely handle the two we put up. We have “Mom’s tree” {as the kids call it} and the “family tree.”

My tree is the one with all the coordinated colors and our Nativity ornaments. I call it the Nativity Tree.

The other tree we display in our front window has all of the ornaments the kids have made through the years. The colors are all mismatched yet beautiful.

Anyways… since we set ours up last weekend I was in awe of some the ones I have found on Pinterest. People can be so super-creative!

Here are a few to share and you can find more of the ones I pinned on my Holiday board.

Merry Christmas!

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