{Pinterest Pins} Great Crafts I Need to Make for Christmas

I am an awful gift giver. I admit it. #1 – I do not like to spend money. And #2 – If I am going to spend my heard earned money it needs to be on something practical. Not everyone likes practical gifts like I do apparently.

6+ DIY Christmas Gift Ideas from Pinterest

Pinterest Crafts for Christmas Gift Giving

Thus, I have always found that the greatest gifts were ones that I had spent time making myself. No other gifts can draw out the emotions that handmade gifts can and I do like making my family laugh or cry {happy tears} when it comes to opening presents!

Therefore, as I peruse Pinterest nowadays I am constantly on the lookout for great, easy, budget-friendly crafts I can attempt to make for Christmas. With only a month to go and a tight budget, I need to get working on some things!

Nevertheless, here are some wonderful crafts that I might attempt as I begin making my list and checking it twice! I cannot tell who I am thinking of though since some of my family and friends actually read the blog!

See my version of the DIY photo canvas here.
See my version of this unique gift here!

I’ve tried the wooden collage too! Love the inspiration I found while researching these ideas for you! Find more great ideas here:

Do you have some craft ideas for the holidays?

I would love to see what you have come up with!