How to Pick Perfect Produce

With grocery sales happening often, you can often find great prices on fresh fruits and vegetables. And — if you’re like me — you may not be sure how to pick perfect produce.

how to pick perfect produce

Pick Perfect Produce

Therefore, in order to get the most value for your dollar, you want to select the right produce for your family. I did a little research and found tips for picking perfect produce every time.


  • Cantaloupe — Yellow-tinged skin with a thick texture on the rind with no stem. No soft rind or pungent smell.
  • Grapes — Should be firmly attached to the stem and both tender and plump. Avoid any that are wrinkled or leaking juice.
  • Oranges — Need a firm, smooth texture. Should not be rough, dry, or spongy.
  • Watermelon — Symmetrical is best without any soft, cushion spots.


  • Bell Peppers — Bright and firm with glossy skin and without soft spots.
  • Carrots — You want bright orange color, firm carrots with no green roots or soft spots.
  • Onions — No green spots and they should have dry, smooth skin.
  • Tomatoes — Rich red color with smooth and plump feel. Stay away from those with any depressed areas or water-soaked spots.

Picking produce is almost an art. Some people thump, others smell, and I have even heard of shoppers licking to test for freshness. Try some of these tips on your next trip to the grocery store and be sure to stock up on the ones you love.

What is your tip for picking the perfect produce every time?


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