Best Buy Scare-It-Yourself Photo Booth
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Are you the Halloween prankster type? Colby sure is. My sister is actually the easiest… and most fun… to scare. I think the most enjoyment comes from helping her relive the moment. Who wouldn’t want to see themselves get pranked over and over again? Okay, well, she might not enjoy it, but the rest of us do. And she’s a good sport.

Best Buy Scare-It-Yourself Photo Booth

Scare-It-Yourself Photo Booth

You might agree that scaring family and friends is all in good fun, showing them scared they are in the moment is even better. With a quick Scare-It-Yourself Photo Booth using Best Buy tech products, you can easily capture the exact expression. Here are the items you will need:

  • Security Camera(s) – This 4-pack of motion-activated NETGEAR Arlo Smart Home security cameras is perfect! With 4 cameras, you can capture the excitement from every angle.
  • Printer – With a portable photo printer like the Canon SELPHY, you can print the photographic evidence from anywhere.
  • Laptop – A laptop will help you monitor the security cameras, as well as provide a source for editing the video to grab screenshots to print out for the ones you scare.

Once you have each of the items above, and the perfect prank, you are ready to set up your Scare-It-Yourself Photo Booth. Simply set the cameras up in the area where the prank will take place. Be sure to have them positioned in a way that they will capture the frightened facial expressions. Next, watch the footage and decide on the best scared look and screenshot the image. Send the photo to the printer and you will have successfully given them something to remember for years to come.

Look for more Halloween Prank Ideas on the Best Buy Halloween site and get ready to scare your friends and family.