HalloweenHangout party

My family rarely needs a reason to get together and have some fun. We love hanging out and enjoying ourselves. Holidays simply mean we have a reason already on the calendar. So, this weekend we did our Halloween celebration a little early. And, WOW! It was totally done in style thanks to ProFlowers, Personal Creations and Shari’s Berries.

HalloweenHangout party

Personalized Decor and Festive Food

Most of our family gatherings consist of paper plates and plastic ware. This time? We had incredible personalized decor and festive food to enjoy. As we set out each piece, the kids would get more excited about the party. It was tough keeping them away from the gourmet dipped berries and cake pops that Shari’s Berries sent over the day before.

gourmet dipped berries

Seriously though, they were super hard to resist. Look how fabulously cute they are! The gourmet dipped berries were both sweet and juicy… and the first to completely go. Each of our children went for their own Halloween Cake Pop and got a pleasant chocolatey surprise when they dunk their teeth into them.

eating cake pops

Well, except our youngest. She really just wanted to lick her cake pop for a while before getting into the fudgy chocolate middle. The outside coating was far more tastier according to her. As a huge fan of Nutter Butter, the Nutter Butter® Cookie Ghosts were my favorite. A deliciously dipped confection!

pumpkin cake pop

As they began to eat each piece of the tempting treats, a 3-dimensional, hand-painted Witch Glass Plate from Personal Creations was uncovered. But it was only one part of the stunning personalized decor we received. I think the kids were thrilled to see so many things with their last name on it. With a bit of an unusual last name, personalized items like that are not easily found at your every day store. As we pulled each personalized gift from the boxes, their excitement would just grown.

personalized plate

The Pumpkin Table Decor (a Personal Creations Exclusive) was a crowd favorite. Way too awesome for words… and the personalized touch really won over the family. Not to mention, it paired perfectly with the Halloween Treat Bowl we filled to the brim with a fall trail mix.

personalized pumpkins

Last but not least, the most fun personalized accessory, was the Halloween Beverage Tub. But, we decided to get a bit more creative with our “Witches Brew” tub. We had an amusing time with it as we watched each of the kids bob for apples.

bobbing for apples

Even the teens had a blast. And it was perfectly sized for 2 people to go hunting for the apples together in a head-to-head competition. It got a bit fierce at times and water was flung around, but we had a good laugh. That’s all that really matters in the end, right?

metal beverage tub

Although, once the bobbing for apples competition began we had to move all the beautiful floral arrangements off the table. I did not want them messing up the wonderfully festive orange mum plant in the jack-o-lantern ceramic container. And I could see my adorable Halloween Boo-kay flying off the table as they came up for air. Moving them out of the way for a bit was less stressful.

Halloween flowers

If you ask the family, it was one of the best parties we had simply based on the personalized decor and festive food alone. The flowers left a fall fragrance in the house and helped dress up the table, as well as our door.

ProFlowers arrangements

Personal Creations

Seeing all the superb personalized Halloween decor we received from Personal Creations really gets me excited about the upcoming holidays. I cannot wait to take a look and order items for decorating during other seasons.

Plus, right now you can get “Scary Good Savings” from Personal Creations! Grab a Glow in the Dark tote like the one below for 50% off between October 7-10th using the promo code: TREATBAG50.

And, in addition to that offer, you can use the code HALLOWEENHANGOUT for 25% off site wide at Personal Creations through October 31st. Hurry so you can get them in time for Halloween… or go ahead and prepare for Thanksgiving.

While you are at it, you may want to grab a dozen or so of the delicious chocolaty dipped berries from Shari’s Berries.

As well as a floral arrangement or season wreath from ProFlowers. You will not be disappointed! I know we are grateful and extremely pleased with each of the pieces that played a part in making our Halloween Hangout so incredible.