Year Round Active Play

Year Round Active Play

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Year Round Active Play

This Christmas was all about finding products that would aid in our toddler’s occupational therapy. Her Sensory Processing Disorder means she is on a sensory diet and that meant we had to make some adjustments. We are slowly learning to understand her sensory needs, and in doing so are finding products that help. In fact, we found a great game for year round active play.

Since Monkey cannot spend as much time outside during the winter, we were looking for a few toys to keep her active inside. This is how we discovered Kickin’ Putt from BeginAgain Toys. This simple game combines soccer, kickball, plying discs, and golf all into one. Or, at least that is the original intention anyway. Monkey, of course, had her own agenda.

Kickin Putt

Since she needs a way to fulfill her proprioceptive needs, pushing and pulling are an important part of her sensory diet. Kicking, tugging, all of these sorts of actions fit into that category for her. Therefore, the first thing she did was put the balls down and start to kick them. Typically, the scoring disc is laid down to act as a goal. Monkey used the disc as more of a tee.

After kicking the balls around, she found that simply rolling around on them was just what she needed. Another method to her getting the deep tissue sensory needs she desires. She played with these two balls and the disc for quite a while and often goes back to them. They are the perfect answer to her special therapy needs and sensory diet. And I adore the fact that they are made from plants with natural rubber and wheat plastic. Awesome!

Kickin Putt

BeginAgain Toys

The BeginAgain workshop has 4 simple rules that I think are definitely worth mentioning:

  1. Kids are the true noisemakers:No batteries, no electronics, ever!
  2. Share your ideas, then build: Collaborate, share, and build in partnership.
  3. Don’t leave a mess:Take oil out of play, use plant based materials whenever possible and always reduce, recycle, and seek improvement.
  4. Great products have greater purpose: BeginAgain gives 1% to the community.

Therefore, not only are you getting a fabulous product, but you are supporting a company that protects our environment and gives back to the community while  doing so.

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What toys do your children play with year round?

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