perfect gift for new dads

Perfect Gift for New Dads from Daddy Scrubs

My husband is no stranger to the delivery room. After watching all 5 of our children come into this world, he could probably deliver a baby on his own by now.

With each birth, he was given a set of basic hospital scrubs.

perfect gift for new dads

Perfect Gift for New Dads

When he saw the new Daddy Scrubs I gave him he actually got excited. These are the perfect gift for new dads, but I must admit the seasoned father of 5 living here really enjoyed them as well.

He wears the “hat” of fatherhood with pride and likes having a shirt that proclaims his role in the family.

Comfortable Delivery Room Attire

After all, dads are important and deserve recognition for a job well done too. During delivery, I know I personally could not have handled everything as well as I did without my husband there.

He kept me calm, focused, and on task. Therefore, why not make sure they are comfortable and feel special on the momentous day of delivery too?

Daddy Scrubs proudly boast “I’m the Daddy” and are comfortable delivery room attire for Dad. Of course, they offer much more than scrubs for the proud Daddy.

Daddy Scrubs also offer tees, hats, sweatshirts, books, and more for the new role. My husband’s favorites are the variety of hats they offer since he is the cap-wearing type.

But they offer so much more and their gift sets will make the perfect baby shower gift for dads!

Luckily for my husband, Daddy Scrubs are made for dads during labor, delivery, and beyond. Since the labor and delivery chapter of our lives is over he is living in that beyond.

He enjoyed the comfort of his new shirt and the pants made for the perfect lounging wear. The roominess in the pants allowed for good mobility and relaxation as he sits and watches his favorite game on TV.

The shirt can even be inspired by his favorite show, book, or movie like the grateful dead steal your face shirt from the grateful dead t-shirt collection.

The shirt drew comments as he was out and about in it and he was proud to declare. “I’m the Daddy!” I am sure his new scrubs will see plenty of wear through the next several years.