Peeps on parade collection

Peeps on Parade – A Collection of Peeps Treats

Are you a fan of the marshmallow confectioneries that make their way into stores each Spring? Peeps are the tell-tale sign around here that Spring has sprung. When these bright colored animal-shaped treats start popping up in stores, that means Easter is on it way.

Peeps on parade collection

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Peeps Treats

But, have you ever looked at how many fabulous ways you can use marshmallow Peeps to create fun desserts, snacks, and, even, crafts! From cupcakes, to s’mores, to full-size cakes, and more. Look outside the box and begin experimenting with the incredibly sweet little rabbits and chicks. Be inspired by the following creations and enjoy the Peeps of Parade featured below:

  1. Peeps Marshmallow Treats
  2. Easter Peeps Pops
  3. Layered Peeps Crispy Rice Cereal Treats
  4. Peeps Birds Nest
  5. Peeps White Chocolate S’mores
  6. Peeps Houses
  7. Chocolate Dipped Chick Peeps
  8. Peeps Stuffed Crispy Treats
  9. Peeps Easter Cake
  10. Eggo Minis S’mores with Peeps
  11. Sunflower Peeps Cake
  12. Peeps Cake Batter Candy
  13. S’More Easter Peeps Treats
  14. Peeps Ice Cream Syrup
  15. Peeps Mini Easter Cupcakes
  16. Bunny Dirt Cups
  17. Peepster Basket Cake
  18. Peeps Party Cake And Cookies
  19. Peeps Easter Centerpiece
  20. Peeps Cake Pops
  21. Peeps Candy Bars
  22. Skateboarding Bunnies
  23. Peeps On A Stick
  24. Peeps Popcorn
  25. Baby Peeps
  26. Peeps Brownie Pops

How will you try your marshmallow Peeps this Easter?