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I know, personally, thinking about anything happening to my parents is not something I like to dwell on. Honestly, I’m sure we don’t want anything to happen to any of our loved ones. Yet, as our parents get older, it becomes a situation that we should be considering. What happens if they have a medical emergency without one of us around to help?

My mom with my daughters

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Up until August, my parents at least had each other. One year my mom dropped a mirror that severed her Achilles tendon. Subsequently, while on crutches, she fell in her living room and landed on an ottoman that fractured three of her ribs. She couldn’t get up. The only person around was my niece, who was a toddler at the time. Although my mom tried to get my niece to relay a message to my dad outside, my niece was too young and played beside my dad while he worked. It was almost an hour later before they found my mom and got her to the hospital.

But, we lost my mom in August. Now it’s just my dad. What happens in a situation like this when he’s home alone?

PaPaw and my girls

The past few months have put things into a new perspective for all of us. My brother, sister and I make sure to check on Dad often. In fact, he probably thinks we’re suffocating him. But, after losing our mom, he’s all we have and we want to be there when and if he ever needs us. Recently, I sat down with my dad and introduced him to Grumpy Grandpa from Bay Alarm Medical. As we watched the video together, Dad huffed and puffed just like Grumpy Grandpa. In the end, he laughed at the similarities he and Grandpa had, but agreed to let me bring Bay Alarm Medical into his home.

Bay Alarm Medical Mobile GPS Help Button

Having this conversation with him wasn’t easy; especially so soon after losing my mom. Just like Grumpy Grandpa, Dad is used to being on his own (to a degree) and has always been strong and able. Therefore, I reminded my dad of a scenario he recently relayed to me about himself. Upon waking early one morning, he had excruciating pain in his lower back and was unable to use his legs. He said he tried to get out of the bed to take his dogs outside, but was in too much pain. After struggling to get to the kitchen to take some medicine, he laid back in bed… crying. As the dogs comforted him, he fell back asleep until midday and was then able to get up.

Dad told me this story the following day. When I asked him why he didn’t call he responded with, “I didn’t want to wake y’all.”

DAD! This was an emergency! Something could have been terribly wrong. You could have fallen and hurt yourself further. 

All of this. I let him know I was not happy with his decision to handle it on his own. So, when I reminded him of this story, he agreed to the medical alert system.

Why Bay Alarm Medical?

We never know when an accident or other medical emergency will arise. The time between an emergency situation and the time your loved one receives medical attention is critical. With our aging loved ones, this could mean the difference between life and death; especially when they live alone and/or have existing medical issues. Bay Alarm Medical offers wearable devices with an emergency medical alert button to signal for assistance right away. A trained operator will speak to the patient over the console and make sure to get the proper help. The operator can even contact family, neighbors, or friends, in addition to your local 911 services.

Bay Alarm Medical Mobile GPS Help Button

Bay Alarm Medical offers three systems to suit your needs:

  • In-Home System — emergency push-button help available with either a traditional landline or AT&T 3G Cellular
  • Mobile GPS Help Button — the go-anywhere, do-anything GPS medical alert system; powered by AT&T
  • The Bundle Package — great (cost-effective) option for individuals looking for both at-home and cell coverage

Additionally, you can get more peace of mind by upgrading to Automatic Fall Detection and/or Caregiver Tracking. Automatic Fall Detection is set to to trigger with high-impact falls, and Caregiver Tracking lets you set up geofencing to get notifications when your loved one leaves a predetermined area. Not to mention, in order to allow quicker access to your home, a Bay Alarm Medical Lockbox can hold a copy of your house key inside and the secret combination is saved at their call center to be passed along to first responders in case of an emergency.

Bay Alarm Medical Emergency LockBox

Which Bay Alarm Medical alert system is right for you?

Get your questions answered with Bay Alarm Medical. Knowing we have a medical alert system with Dad while he’s home alone helps to give us all peace of mind.