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I don’t know about you, but I hardly need a good reason to get together with friends and have fun.

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This past week we had a delicious party though with Great American Cookies and their NEW! Fudge Brownie made with M&M’s®.

The best part was how quickly it all came together.

It was definitely a lesson in party planning made simple.

party planning made simple

Party Planning Made Simple

Once you establish you want to have a party and have a date set, the rest of the planning and fun should come easy.

Hopefully. But, using a few quick tips, your party can be fabulous and (a bit more) stress-free.

  1. Choose a theme. For our Great American Cookies Party, featuring the NEW! Fudge Brownie made with M&M’s®, we decided to go with bright, fun colors in both dots and stripes. The colors helped accentuate the bold colors on the M&M’s® found atop each delicious brownie. This really helped tie the entire party together. Splashes of color here and there can really go a long way. 
  2. Think outside the box and use what you have. After setting the table and noticing it needed more color, our incredible host, Brittany, looked at a box full of tissue paper and knew just what to do. She fluffed the paper, grabbed it in the center, pinched it together, and then set it under the serving dishes. Simple yet perfect. The primary colors helped liven up the table and didn’t add to our budget.
  3. Keep the food simple and don’t be afraid to serve food you didn’t make. This is where Great American Cookies is superb at parties. Great American Cookies offers an incredibly tasty lineup of delicious cookies, Cookie Cakes, brownies, and other treats. And now, they have added the NEW! Fudge Brownie made with M&M’s® to the brownie lineup. After all, everyone loves to have a little treat at a party and it introduces an element of fun. Great American Cookies party
  4. Speaking of fun, make sure to plan a game or two. You have gone through all of the time to prepare the event, so make sure you actually get to enjoy it. We played a simple game of M&M’s® Toss. Using 3 colorful buckets and sorting the M&M’s® by colors, we each took turns tossing the confectionery chocolates into the buckets. The winner only won one candy. But, we all enjoyed trying. M&M's toss game
  5. Capture the moment. We decided a photo booth would be a terrific way to grab a picture of us all together. We found an inexpensive kit at the store that included a backdrop and several props. As we gathered for the picture, there were tons of laughs and bonding through the poses. photo booth party planning

What are your best party planning tips?

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