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Show Your Love for National Park and Recreation Month

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the National Recreation and Park Association but all the opinions therein are my own.

When I was asked why I love my local parks and recreation I knew exactly which park to mention. If you follow me on Instagram you are likely to see us there often. And there are many reasons why we enjoy it. Since this is National Park and Recreation Month, I feel like it is the perfect time to explain why.

July Park Recreation

Park and Recreation

When you visit your local park, do you think about why you enjoy going there? July is National Park and Recreation Month and the NRPA wants to know the answer to this question:

“I Love my Parks and Recreation because…”

They are asking you and I to show and share the love for our respective local parks. In fact, hundreds of park and recreation agencies all over the country will be showing their own element of love during Park and Recreation Month with special events, programs and other activities for park-goers.

climbing wall

I know that my kids need to get out of the house and release some energy at some point during the day. But, not just outside… away from our house. So, we hop in the car and drive to the town over to play a brand new, redesigned park made to be an all-inclusive play adventure.

all inclusive play adventure

The play areas are large enough to accommodate wheel chairs. There are special sensory areas built into the and throughout the park. The swings are made to sit comfortably in to allow for every child to have a seat. Plus, the park was built completely by volunteers and is made of recycled materials. And, one of my most favorite features, hand painted signs all over the park reminding us how incredible each one of us are. No matter our needs or challenges.

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Once we are ready to cool off, and after eating in the covered pavilion, we can get wet and stay longer as the splash pad. Running on well water, the water used circulates through the wet play area and the kids love it. And with our current drought conditions, this feature means it is the only area splash park able to stay open.

splash park fun

These are just a handful of the reasons why I love our Park and Recreation. My special needs daughter and other children can play in this nice, clean park with others and build more than just memories. They build friendships, self-esteem, and confidence as they play, climb, run and laugh. And that is why I love my parks and recreation department.

Why do you love your park and recreation?