Parenting often boils down to this: Unconditional Love.

Did you know that just under 2 million young Americans ages 13-17 identify as LGBTQ, or about 9.5% of the youth population in the US? (source: Williams Institute)


Yet these children continue to be chastised, bullied, and forgotten about. Some even by their own parents.

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I remember the unknowing feeling that settled in my stomach when my first LGBTQ+ child came out 8 years ago.

I had to search for answers. Understand the difference between what my past religious experiences taught me and how I felt for my child:

Unconditional love.

It’s that kind of love that led me to the conclusion that it’s okay to be gay, lesbian , trans, bi, asexual, pan sexual … even heterosexual.

When our second child came out just a few months ago, it was nothing more than a passing conversation amongst our daily routine.

We’ve learned. We’ve grown. We’ve continued to love.

Quite honestly, I don’t think it’s anyone’s business one way or another who someone loves.

It takes a lot of courage for these youth to come out.

Over the course of the pandemic, my teens have told us about friends that have come out. We rejoiced and celebrated with them!

I have been admonished by people in the church. I had a smear campaign launched against me due to my stance.

I’ve lost family and friends, but I still believe in my children first.

I believe in their right to choose who they love just as I believe in that right for myself. (Mixed marriages and all, ya know).

I believe in a person’s right to decide WHEN and IF they want to come out.

(For those in the back ?You should NEVER out someone.)

It boils down to this:




Parenting often boils down to this: Unconditional Love.