me and my teens

Parenting is not TYPICALLY a choice that is entered into lightly. I mean, there are some sacrifices to be made and it’s a pretty life-changing event. Not to mention, it basically means you’re committed for a several years to that baby… who actually tends to grow up pretty fast in the realm of things.

Chey at vow renewal

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Oh so fast.

Our oldest daughter? She is about to turn 20. She moved out 2 years ago. Will be entering her 4th year of college this fall. Works full-time. And, oh, did I mention she gets married soon?! Like NEXT WEEKEND? See what I mean! SO FAST!

daughter bridal shoot in Texas
Long distance, blurred shot of gown… just in case her fiance decides to stop by the blog before the wedding.

Parenting is hard, Y’all!

Don’t blink! As soon as you do, you will look back and have one grown and married too. It’s scary. Not so much because of the new chapter she is about to embark on, but more about the fact that I worry if I raised her right.

raising daughters - parenting

Who am I sending her into the world to be?

Am I the only one that asks myself these types of questions? I stress over this often. I desperately want my children to be good. To live a happy life that also blesses others. To make a difference and not hinder progress, but help do something about it.

me and my teens

In reality, parenting is scary. It’s hard. It’s sacrificial yet the reward can be great… once you get past the fears. You must know:

  • Yes, you are doing a good job! I know there are times when you may not believe it’s so. But as your children grow and begin to shine their light on others, you will notice it. You have not failed.
  • Don’t be afraid! We’re all in this together. Find someone you can talk to who may be in the same stage of life… or has already walked through it. It always seems to help when you know someone else understands.
  • You are good enough! Don’t let others make you feel insignificant in your own life. You matter and are doing your best. Keep going. Stand strong and be proud of every accomplishment. You totally deserve it!

Life has a way of throwing all sorts of situations and circumstances our way. Learn from each one of them and grow stronger through them. Together, we can do this. From baby to adulthood, our children are watching and listening. Every word, action and thought can mold their world. Let’s all mold it into something better for the next generation.

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