toilet paper roll craft party

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With the cold temperatures, we will find just about any reason to have a party! In fact, we decided that sharing the word about the new and improved Charmin was just as good a reason as any! And what a better way to have fun with Charmin… outside the bathroom… than with a Toilet Paper Roll Craft party.

toilet paper roll craft party

Toilet Paper Roll Craft

As we sat around and snacked on our favorite foods and shared hot cocoa, we also pulled out the craft supplies. Gathering all of the empty toilet paper rolls in the house meant we had plenty to work with. Everyone was given the liberty to do their own craft to see what they would come up with. Take a look at how we made some of our favorite toilet paper roll crafts:

I found this cute Paper Roll Puppy and had to give him a try. Minus a few pom-poms. I still think he is adorable!

paper roll puppy

Colby decided on a Valentine Heart Wreath. It took 4 empty toilet paper rolls, red paint, glue and ribbon. I think it turned out great! He even decided to post the instructions for you.

Valentine Heart Wreath

Our 10 year old even came up with a fun rabbit that she said is going to hang out with her through the Spring. He is ready to hop right into Easter.

Easter bunny paper roll


Now, why all the empty toilet paper rolls? Charmin! It is now new and improved and even more flushable. When you have young children in the house, this is essential! Our youngest is still learning that her little body doesn’t need THAT MUCH paper. So, the fact that Charmin has made their toilet paper more flushable is a “toilet saver” for us. We have always kept the plunger nearby for overflows, but with Charmin, the paper actually goes down without a mess! Additionally, it is now Roto-Rooter approved. Awesome!

flushability roto rooter

The new design allows for easier breakdown of the toilet tissue, giving your bathroom pipes a break. This helps ensure that pipes stay clear and clog-free, especially during peak times such as fun crafting parties!

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