Apparently my site had a surge of traffic yesterday that crashed my site and sent me into a frenzy for almost 2 hours! Did you stop by? I am not sure why, but my host shut me down even though I have had 3 times the traffic I had yesterday a few times before. Nonetheless, if you are reading this I must be back up?! But, I can assure you that the entire 2 hours, and hour and a half of which I spent chatting with tech support, I was about to pull my hair out, cry, scream… doing anything but keeping calm. I am passionate about this blog and my readers and those were a long bit of 2 hours. So, in honor of my mini heart attack and near nervous breakdown… stress. Pinterest style.

Panic and Stress

stressPhoto credit {left, top to bottom}:
Left: via Staci on Pinterest
Top: via Staci on Pinterest via Staci on Pinterest
Bottom: via Staci on Pinterest

Here’s hoping the days to come are less stressful here on 7 on a Shoestring!

365 Days of Gratitude

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