Designing an Outdoor Space Inspired by Pier 1 Imports

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With the summer on its way and spring already here, we are looking forward to days in the sun. Sitting outside and taking in the warm weather is one of our family’s favorites pastimes. Unfortunately, as spring weather is in tornado alley, our patio furniture was destroyed last season. So, this year we are on the hunt for new pieces. We will be designing an outdoor space inspired by Pier 1 Imports and I can’t wait to just sit and enjoy it.

Designing an Outdoor Space Inspired by Pier 1 Imports

Designing an Outdoor Space

Considering that design is probably not one of my strengths, I love that I can get ideas and tips simply by looking at Pier 1 Imports both online and off. Whether browsing their website, Pinterest boards, or walking into their store, I am inspired. I am learning and plan on putting what I have learned into action soon. Let me share a few ideas I will use to create our new space that may be helpful to you as well:

Pick a focal point. We have a great deck out back, but it is pretty much empty. Other than a BBQ grill that was gifted to us after ours was destroyed, there are a few fold up chairs and toys. So, we are starting fresh and I have chosen a fun pattern I found at Pier 1 to work around. The Emery Stripe Modular Cushion has such fun, bright colors within its stripes and give us plenty to build on. Pick your focal point and run with it!

Make the most of your space. As I mentioned, we have a great patio area, we simply need to utilize it to best fit our family’s needs. We want to have a place to relax, eat a little, and possibly store toys. For example, an outdoor table or bench that offers storage underneath would be an ideal option for our outdoor area.

Refresh with small updates. Cushions, table top decor, wall art, and even umbrellas are affordable ways to easily add color and bring a new look to any space. If your budget is small, they are also great ways to start as you work towards bigger pieces.

Throw a rug down. A nice outdoor rug not only helps ties the space together, but it also offers an element of comfort. A perfect way to bring a bit of the indoors out as you walk across a padded walkway.

Get comfortable. No reason why you can’t sit back, kick your feet up, and really relax in the comfort of your own outdoor space. The Sunasan™ Bed from Pier 1 Imports is incredible! I would have no problem catching a nap out back while lying on that!

Pier 1 table candles

I love how easy it is to take a few bold elements and turn an entire area around.

Which items from Pier 1 Imports inspire your outdoor space?

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