Discount Contact Lenses
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When I got my eyes checked a couple months ago, my optometrist introduced me to a new (to me) kind of contact lenses. Their best feature being they did not need drops to moisten them through the day. What?!

Order Discount Contact Lenses using Alexa

Discount Contact Lenses

Why is that a big deal? Any contact wearer knows they have to keep their contacts moist. This means carrying around drops. I don’t carry a purse, which means carrying eye drops is a bit of an inconvenience for me. And, I like to keep everything—even the little things—as simple as possible.

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Therefore, when I went to order my contacts, I was thrilled to learn that Discount Contact Lenses gives you the option to order your contacts through Alexa. Again, that convenience factor is strong with me!

After placing your first order through the site, it literally takes three steps to reorder through Alexa:

  1. Enable the Reorder Skill for Alexa through the Alexa Skills Store in your web browser or in the Amazon Alexa App.
  2. To reorder your last purchase say, “Alexa, reorder contacts with Discount Contacts.” Alexa will give you the option to create a four-digit pin for more secure ordering.
  3. Alexa will read back your last order; if it’s correct, tell Alexa “yes” to place your order.

Once your prescription is verified, your credit card on file with will be charged and your order will be processed. Plus, you’ll get 10% off every voice order, as well as free shipping over $99.

Discount Contact Lenses

Now, you just sit back and wait for your contact lenses to arrive at your door.

See? Convenient! You could literally order your next box of contact lenses while putting your contacts in your eye, lying in bed, or cooking dinner. Whenever the thought may occur to you that you need to reorder!

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Discount Contact Lenses makes it quick and easy so you can focus on other things.